One of the most significant in behavior as a separatepersonality, and large social groups, is a stable set of concepts and meanings, in accordance with which the entire existence of a group or individual is built. Value orientation is the fundamental basis of the existence of any society. This is a set of certain initial concepts, which unites people into common communities for this or that set of characteristics.

value orientation is

But society consists of individuals. And value orientation is also a set of concepts, according to which each person exists within the framework of society. Deviation from generally accepted norms and values ​​by society is not approved. The generality of value orientations are those spiritual clasps that make a large group of disparate people a single people.

The position of the individual in society is largely determined by value orientations. This set of concepts and principles can not conflict with the generally accepted in a particular social environment.

 value orientation method
Value orientation is, in fact, the maincharacterization of personality. In addition to personal qualities, such as passionarity, charisma and creativity, it largely determines the fate and social potential of each individual individual. It is impossible to underestimate the importance that the formation of value orientations of the younger generation has. Without a certain set of core qualities, a person simply will not be successful, no matter what path he chooses. If a person has the potential of a leader since childhood and is charged to achieve success at any cost, then it is very likely that a person will succeed in his life. He will overcome all obstacles and crush all competitors. If you formulate very briefly, then value orientation is destiny. How it will be formed depends directly on the future of the person, and everything that he will achieve in his life: well-being, career, public influence.

Politics as the struggle of value orientations

Nothing but a struggle of valueorientations of large groups of the population for the impact on society as a whole, politics is not. Every interested social group actively tries to impose its values ​​on the whole society. The method of such advancement can be the most diverse and unpredictable, but ultimately rests on money and control over the media.

 formation of value orientations
It is often heard that the onlythe rule in this struggle for value orientations is the absence of any rules. Most often in the field of struggle for dominance there are clearly two opposing each other: conservative-protective and progressive-liberal. In a natural way, religion can not stand aside from value concepts, regardless of the confession.
value orientation is the temple
Clergymen in different attire actively try to control the situation and impose their value orientations even to those who do not ask for them.

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