When we hear the word "masochist", in the braina lot of options arise, and some of them are very strange. But let's stop exciting our colorful fantasy and accept non-existent myths. It's time to find out the truth, who is a mazahist.

Masochist: who is this?

Let us turn to the scientific concept in order to realize the true essence of such inclinations. A masochist is a person who is addicted to suffering and humiliation.

who is a mazahist
Due to this, he achieves sexual satisfaction and receives a lot of positive emotions.

Many psychologists actively study masochistichuman behavior. They come to the opinion that a mazahist is a person who needs long-term psychological treatment. At the same time, a whole system of measures is being developed aimed at changing one's own worldview. And this task is not simple.

All women suffer from masochism

There are several types of masochism: mental, symbolic and feminine form of masochism. A deviation from the norm is considered when the third species is affected by strong men. Otherwise, you do not need to sound an alarm. Absolutely every woman suffers this mental illness to a certain extent.

In bed, the dominant element is alwaysmale, which means that humility already manifests itself. A masochist is a person who is hungry for humiliation, but you will agree, not every woman yearns to receive just this during sexual intercourse. Hence, several basic forms of manifestation of helplessness in the life of a female individual are formed.

Female masochism in sexual intercourse

  • Brute force against the lady. To this can be attributed an excess of passion: tearing clothes, penetration without unnecessary caresses.
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  • A verbal masahist is a woman who loves to hear rude words addressed to her.
  • Hard forms of games in the form of binding limbs anduse of handcuffs. Someone saw himself in such sexual games, but that does not mean that it's time for you to run to the doctor. The diagnosis refers to the form when a woman for a long time kept bound and forcibly raped her. At the same time, she gives consent to such abnormal actions and even experiences an orgasm.
  • Painful sensations and lashes. In this case, the face remains untouched. Of course, single girls are ready to have fun during such a sexual act.

Causes of love of pain

Now you know who the masahist is, but thenthere are questions of the origin of such strange desires. Usually the root of the problem lies in early childhood. Most often, such norms of behavior are typical for people who were beaten by parents or older brothers and sisters.

Another woman - a masochist, is, as a rule,a girl who had sex at a very young age. At the same time, she experienced severe pains, which resulted in a normal sensation ending in pleasure.

My partner is a masochist: what should I do?

Everyone knows who a mazahist is. Someone condemns this behavior, and some, burning with shame, dream of experiencing erotic games with a cruel implication.

mazahist this
But how to behave if the arsenal of the pleats and leather collars you found in your partner's closet?

First, stop panicking and condemn yoursecond half. You need to learn how to talk about it. Today, sex has ceased to be a taboo subject, so turn off the regime called "hypocrisy" and clarify all the nuances that worry you. Perhaps your partner just likes to be tied up or just puts on these awful ammunition.

Second, reconsider your conservativeviews and try to compromise. In any case, such a sexual experience does not hurt you, just specify that you do not accept pain and lashes on your body. A masochist is not always a psychopath who craves insane pain.

I am a masochist: fears and prejudices

Having understood who such a mazahist, you have come tothe terrible conclusion that you yourself are a masochist? Perhaps you vehemently drove this thought away from yourself, buying another leather corset for your girlfriend and a whip.

masochist is who
You thought that it was just a game, but in reality it turned out to be a fetish. And now you can not get satisfaction without feeling pain and humiliation.

There is nothing wrong with this inclinationis manifested in a mild form. Every couple craves variety in sex, especially men are inclined. Anxiety needs to be beaten when you cross the line of easy pain and insane humiliation. A guy who is hungry for penetration with elements of violence is, sadly, a diagnosis. Better in the early stages to admit this and turn to a specialist. It is important to find support from a partner who enters the position, and will not develop a bunch of complexes. Masochism in severe manifestations is a disease that needs to be treated.

Now you will stop asking the question: "The masochist is who", and it is possible that you look at this problem from a completely different angle. Be loyal to your partners and be afraid to fall in love with pain.

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