As soon as the child begins to recognize himself andsurrounding reality, he also understands that everything is not so simple in the world. It is not always possible to get food, what and when you want, if you fall, then your knee hurts, and mom and dad can lie for a fault. These are all problems, which become more serious with age. Agree, then, because of what you experienced during adolescence, it seems to be frivolous by the age of twenty, and you would have happily exchanged with yourself a twenty-year-old at forty.

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Over time, however, it seems that you can copewith any situation. It turns out that the problem to be solved is either? Yes, but sometimes, when faced with a difficult situation, it is not easy to find a way out. In this post we will tell you how to effectively cope with difficult life circumstances, to later proudly say: "This problem is solved!"

What is the problem?

Any situation that makes us feeldiscomfort, is called a problem. Not all problems are equivalent. If you broke a nail or torn pantyhose in front of an important business meeting, this is one kind of trouble that it is quite easy to cope with. If life deprives a person of work or shelter over his head, this is a very different kind of difficulty. The solved problem is any, but to avoid confusion, it is common to divide problems by types.

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Types of problems

Problems can be divided on objective and subjective. Objective are those life circumstances that seriously interfere with the life of the individual. For example, a person loses loved ones, a source of income, falls ill.

Subjective problems These are situations that others can beare not visible or understandable, but for the life of the individual they represent a threat no less than objective. For example, these are quarrels with relatives or relatives, misunderstanding with colleagues, phobias, complexes. Very often subjective problems are associated with any fears of personality. In a way, subjective problems are more dangerous for a person than objective ones. After all, you can wind yourself, not having a real reason for this.

Another classification of problems: external and internal.

External problems - those that the individual connectswith the outside world. "I am often bitten by dogs," "I do not like the boss, always yelling at me and loading tasks," "I have problems communicating with the opposite sex." These are real problems that come to man from the outside world.

The inner are connected with emotional experiences. "I'm afraid to communicate with girls," "I'm afraid of dogs," "I can not stand being alone with the boss, I feel uncomfortable with him." This kind of problem is more subjective, it is based on feelings, intuition, perception of the world.

Next, we will tell you how to solve the problem, if it has arisen on your life path, since any problem is solved, even if it seems the opposite to you when meeting with it.

Step One - Treat Easier

A person does not suffer from his fate more than hecan bear. Remember the darkest days of your life when it seemed that you just will not survive it. So what? Time has passed, and you remember the situation if not with a smile, then in any case, just experienced the problem and continue to live. Proceeding from the knowledge that everything can be experienced and even feel completely happy in the future, accept for yourself as a reality that one should not immediately treat the problem as the end of the world.

The problem you are solving is the one to which youInitially, just treat, and not the one that is easy to resolve. Do not wind yourself, do not sprinkle the head with ashes and do not cry over what has already happened. Accept what happened, mentally move into the future, where everything is already well, and then the situation will not seem catastrophic to you.

Do not keep in yourself

Probably, hardly anyone is delighted with the fact thatit is used as a waistcoat. But that's why we need close and dear people, right? If you have trouble, then it's not a shame to approach a friend or a native person and say: "Help solve the problem!". This is just the case where two heads are faster than one will tell how to act in a difficult situation. In addition, when you tell an outside person about your problem, you arrange the situation for yourself and look at it more soberly.

help solve the problem

Do not bring work home and personal life to work

If you want to be a successful person,to organize life grammotno, it makes sense to distinguish between work and family life. So, if you have quarrels in the family, a break with a close person is coming to an end, or you learn about betrayal, it is very difficult to remain calm and to be balanced at work. Meanwhile, if you do not want to get the glory of a hysterical person.

Also true and back. Conflicts with colleagues, problems in the relationship with the boss or work is not glued? This is all very unpleasant, but it is not right to take out your anger and fear on your loved ones. Remember that the problem is divided - calmly explain the situation to dear people. Perhaps, from the side your circumstance will not seem complicated or unsolvable, and you will not only alleviate the burden, but will also receive efficient advice. Remember that the solved problem is any, with what it is not related, but you can solve it only if you try to do it.

system is a problem

Not all at once

Some people manage to organize theirlife, and it seems that these people do not have problems at all, and if they do, somehow they disappear quickly. In fact, it is a mistake to believe that others are doing well, and I'm just not lucky. Difficulties arise at all, and sometimes go one after another. But there is one nuance. If you have a black strip of bad luck (and it happens, you can not get away from it), do not try to solve all the circumstances at once, in one fell swoop.

People who solve problems easily and quickly doit's gradual. It is impossible to cope with an array of difficulties at once, as it is impossible to perform several diverse tasks simultaneously. The result of trying to cover everything at once will be that you do not solve any problems. Decide for yourself what is more serious and urgent, and what can wait, and act in the order of the planned order.

Do not give stress to get the better of you

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Problems can not remain indifferent eventhe most reserved person, and as a result you can face stress. As a consequence - violation of sleep and appetite, apathy, unwillingness to do anything at all, loss of interest in life. Stress is a serious nervous disorder that affects not only the psycho-emotional state, but also the physiology of the body. It is fraught with diseases and a feeling that you are already bad at the level of the body.

To not give stress to master you, develop. It's very difficult to relax when you have a problem or even a few, but if you do not unload, you can seriously get sick. It's best to spend time in the company of close people who do not need to talk about your difficulties. On the contrary, get distracted and imagine that nothing burdens your life. If you are uncomfortable with the company, you can go to a concert or an exhibition, visit a film premiere, rent a hotel room and spend time in a new comfortable place.

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What's next

All the above steps are ready andA working system that solves the problem. Only this way - first distancing and lowering the importance, looking at the situation from a different angle of the solution - you can find a way out of the most difficult situation. Remember that isolating yourself in the most difficult moments in life is not an option. Surround yourself with dear and close people, with whom you can share and distract. A good unloading from burdensome thoughts will also be active rest, enjoyment of works of art, communication.

Pass and this

solves many problems

If you all can not throw the problem outhead, then remember the ring of King Solomon. Imagine how many difficult and intricate situations a king can have! Meanwhile, he was known among the people as a ruler wise and balanced. Perhaps it was his ring that helped him to look at life correctly. On its inner side was an engraving "It will pass this". In life, this is how it is - the philosophical view of impermanence and the fragility of everything that exists solves many problems.

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