If people ask a question: "What is your personal success?" - 90% of a hundred, without hesitation, will designate the purchase of an apartment, a good car or promotion on the career ladder. This is the greatest misconception, because all the listed benefits are only a pleasant reward for the work done. Studying the works of psychologists and esotericists, discussing how to think correctly, we can conclude that the primary in life should be self-realization. Only a man who enjoys his work really, can achieve considerable heights and remain happy.

How to think correctly? Basic aspects of a new life

how to think correctly

As a rule, such a question is asked by those people,who are disappointed in their lives, do not get pleasure from it and consider themselves deeply unhappy in the soul. Indeed, it is very sad every day to wake up in a morose mood, to come to an unloved job and monotonously carry out the orders of the authorities, which you secretly hate. Unfortunately, such representatives of the modern world are much more than sincerely happy with the new day. How to learn to think correctly and radically change your life? Having a solid intention is the first step to success. The main thing is never to stop there. Analyze your life and think about what you really would like to do, what brings pleasure and gives a sense of happiness. Many at this stage allow a common mistake, representing the level of desired income or a particular position. However, without a love for your specialty, raising wages or transferring to a new place will only bring temporary pleasure, and then the feeling of disappointment will grasp you with renewed vigor. Man begins to respect himself, overcoming his laziness and fear. Constant self-development and self-education is rapidly bringing you closer to the goal. Never forget this.

How to think correctly? Life is under control

how to learn to think correctly

More and more people recognize this fact: then, what we think, sooner or later comes true. For example, fear of superiors makes them project different negative situations for their lives. The director feels this on a subconscious level, increasingly presses and, as if on purpose, is looking for shortcomings in your work. The art of thinking correctly involves continuous control over oneself. To change your life, you need to correct the attitude towards it. It will not work otherwise. Do not hesitate to conduct a small training daily. Every morning, going to work (in the shower, with a cup of coffee, on the road), say aloud, if possible, affirmations. They are positive sayings that tune in a positive way. Of course, at first this venture will seem stupid and meaningless. But when dramatic changes begin to occur in life, you will be grateful for your perseverance. Thought forms should be concise and concise, to be presented only with a positive intention. Saying them, you should exclude the particle "not", that is, instead of "I will not fail at the interview," saying "I like my employer, he will necessarily see my potential".

How to think correctly? What to do in periods of despair?

the art of thinking right

Moscow was not built immediately, so stupidhope for quick results. Do not blame yourself for weakness or insecurity, just keep on repeating the maneuvers. If indignation has seized you with a head, give it the will, such emotions also have the right to exist. But do not concentrate on them. Always remember that there will come a new day, and new opportunities will certainly appear. And if suddenly it became scary, try to use a simple psychological maneuver: exacerbate the presented situation to the point of absurdity, until it becomes ridiculous. When a smile appears on the face, the feeling of panic will recede by itself.

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