Imagine a person who voluntarily endureshumiliation, and very strong, quite hard. The very first thought: only a perverted perception of reality can push a man to a kukold. What is it that can happen in the head of a normal person that he will enjoy the non-standard situation that affects his self-esteem?

kukold what is
History of the problem

There is information that since the 16th centuryThere is a secret organization, which has the unofficial name "Order of Cuckolders." It was a community of men who renounced their own principles and their ego in the name of serving a woman. Their ladies demonstrated the most unbridled behavior, and the cuckolds kept loyalty to them and sang their delights.

Russian Kukold
From this, the kukold began. What is the behavior was possible in ancient centuries, in principle, you can believe. Some experts argue that there are many indirect proofs of the existence of cuckolds in world classical literature. Serving the fallen angel seemed to them to be the height of self-denial. It is also believed that the Russian kukold began with Alexander Pushkin, who allegedly was also a member of this secret order. Pushkinists do not consider the fact proved, but they acknowledge that the duel with Dantes was provoked by information about the poet's membership in the Order of Cuckolders.

The modern puppet

And now the society of cuckolds continues proudlybear the banner of service to beautiful ladies. Only now the puppet has changed. What is treason? Now this concept is invested with a different meaning. Just an exchange of partners now no one is surprised. But the situation where a man voluntarily subjected to humiliation - it's another matter. He is present where his wife's wife instructs him. Kukold gets from this a kind of non-standard, with a very keen pleasure. This is explained by the fact that there is a rigid breakdown of stereotypes. This almost turns off the logic. A person experiences animal feelings, very strong, disturbing, unusual. At the moments of the wife's connection with a strange man at the puppet, the excitement reaches an unprecedented peak. Morality and pride in these moments cease to exist for him.

Than to explain aspiration to forbidden pleasures

The situation of the puppet is not standard. It is believed that every 20th man experiences a secret (or obvious) desire to experience the experience of the cuckold. Some cases are explained by the domination of a very powerful mother in the child's upbringing. If the parent strongly humiliated him in childhood, then the desire to experience this experience is already laid in him.

wife of the puppets
But such cases are quite rare. Very different intentions and aspirations involve modern men in the dolls. What is to bring into your life to experience an unprecedented rise? This is an urgent issue for many. Since the most personal relationships are now removed all the covers, the usual sex does not excite. You need something else, very powerful. Such feelings, for example, some couples find in the exchange of partners. But not all this fits. Kukold is an approach to the border state, balancing on the verge of collapse. The acuity of the sensations is simply extraordinary, which makes it very exciting.

Warning: the practice of the puppet is very dangerous. Even if a man voluntarily goes for it, he can break at any moment. Explosion of negativity caused by humiliated self-esteem can lead to unpredictable consequences!

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