Social adaptation is a process, as a resultwhose personality or social group adapts to the constantly changing social environment. In other words, it is the adaptation of a person to a social group or society in which he lives or will live.

Getting into a certain group and performingestablished norms of this group, a person in the process of adaptation can be revered and respected, but destroying these norms, not obeying them, can be rejected by the group. Each person depends to a greater or lesser extent on the people surrounding him, so adaptation has a great impact on the development of man as a person.

In society there are established norms andlaws that each must fulfill. But there are unwritten laws and rules inherent only to this or that group of society. For example, a child, having gone to a kindergarten, must adapt to a group of his peers. More serious problems appear in the first-grader, when he did not attend kindergarten, and immediately went to school. A person usually belongs to several social groups at the same time, and he has to meet the requirements of each of them. For example, an adult in the family is the head of the family, and at work - a representative of some profession or position. In each of the social groups, a person has to adapt to the norms and rules that are inherent in each of them. This means that adaptation is a permanent process.

A person who is able to adapt quickly,called normal, but for different social groups this concept can radically differ. Problems with adaptation can arise, first of all, because of the rules adopted in society. For example, foreigners may have problems due to differences in culture and norms of behavior adopted in their home country. Problems can arise due to individual characteristics of a person. For example, a quiet, shy and timid person can not be a leader in the team.

Teenagers also have a lot of problems,related to adaptation. A person entering into an independent life usually has two main problems: how to determine one's place in the surrounding life and how to find the meaning of life. Social adaptation of the personality of individual adolescents is very difficult: they are constantly worried about their place in life, about the purpose of their existence, about the meaning of their being on this earth. And almost no one of adults can not help a teenager in this. That's why there are so many suicides in adolescence.

Problems with adaptation arise in the elderlyrights. At retirement age, he sometimes has "age-related depression." He is experiencing a deep crisis, acutely experiencing because of many things, he has many conflicts with others. The elderly person is influenced by the factors of life stages, when he analyzes the lived years. Sometimes at this time he does not expect anything more from life, does not rely on anything, expects only unhappiness. And in this difficult period such a person requires special attention, support, participation. Social adaptation of a person in society is painless, taking into account both health factors and social factors. Adaptation of addiction requires loneliness.

Adaptive problems can often cause such aa strong stress, that as a result there are problems with health: malaise, nervousness. Sometimes, under certain conditions, these problems cause serious illnesses, such as asthma, ulcers, arthritis. Emotional overexertion can provoke mental illness.

Social adaptation can provoke specialProblems in children of foreigners living in our country temporarily. The mismatch of human roles in different social groups can also lead to problems.

Especially often there are problems with adaptation insociety with disabled people. Disability puts a lot of problems for a person, especially for people with disabilities. These people become a special socio-demographic group. They have a low level of income, a low possibility of obtaining an education, almost no employment by work. Most disabled people do not create their own families, they have no interest in life, a desire to do something useful and necessary. Therefore, social adaptation of disabled people should be aimed at introducing the idea of ​​equal rights and opportunities for the disabled in the public consciousness. Until this happens, a person with disabilities can not be in the "stream" of social life.

From all of the above, it can be argued thatsocial adaptation is an integral structure that has its own specific problems, the solution of which will lead a person to the opportunity to develop and change.

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