In large companies at the stages of its developmentthere is a need for the formation of the process of adaptation of personnel. The system is necessary to familiarize the employee with new conditions, requirements and corporate-level rules in order to avoid employee turnover. Adaptation of personnel in the organization standardizes the process of interaction with new employees.

A new employee of the company adapts toworking conditions, social environment. There is an acquaintance with the team, the appeared duties, norms of behavior, and also the comparison of personal interests with common ones (identification). Adaptation of personnel in the organization, according to foreign psychology, is explained by the following criteria: harmony between the human need and the requirements of the social environment; a process that gives an opportunity to achieve a state of harmony.

Adaptation of employees in the organization has to do with working in a team of management personnel, employees, managers. This process is very rarely used for working specialties.

Types of adaptation of company employees

Negation. In this case, the newly arrived employee does not accept the company's rules. His expectations are not true. Most often such an employee is fired before the end of the "probationary period".

Adaptability. The situation in which an employee adapts to the norms and rules of the organization. Such employees are the majority.

Masking. With this adaptation, the worker shows acceptanceestablished in the organization of norms and rules of a secondary nature. He denies the basic requirements. Such employees are classified as a "risk group". They can at any moment break the labor contract.

Individual adaptation of personnel in the organization. This kind of "entry" into the collectiveis based on agreement with the basic norms and rules of the enterprise, but on the negation of secondary values. Thus the worker well fulfills the duties, keeping individuality.

Before the personnel of the "personnel department" is the taskselection of employees related to masking and individual adaptation. It is also necessary to identify dissenting individuals who demonstrate "loyalty" to the company. During the selection of personnel, there are often errors in the work of the personnel service. They should be corrected immediately. Adaptation of personnel in the organization begins with the submission of basic information to new personnel about the features and conditions of the company, in which it is accepted. The employee learns about his job responsibilities, the names of managers. The adaptation process can be carried out with the participation of the head of the firm. Methods are different: traditional or using computer technology.

Professional adaptation of personnel is madewith a view to: facilitating the adaptation of the employee to a position; reducing the number of "minuses" associated with the integration process of the newcomer; correct evaluation of professional skills and qualification of the employee. Adaptation period lasts about three months from the date of signing the labor agreement.

Stages of staff adaptation

Preparatory. During this period the employee is informed about the sphereactivity and interests of the enterprise. An introductory conversation is held, concerning significant facts of the company's history. The products produced, the working conditions are discussed. The employee also studies his job description.

Stability of work. The period is characterized by the stability of the tasks assigned to the employee.

Summarizing. The final stage, decisive. At this stage, a final decision on the suitability of the employee is made.

At the end of the trial period, the headThe company provides documentation to the personnel department. It provides an analysis of the activities of the employee, indicating the final decision of the head regarding the new employee.

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