Consumers of the fashion world always with a sinking heartwaiting for new collections and shows. Especially if it's a collection of a new designer whose star has just been lit on the horizon of the fashion industry. Tory Burch is a new name in the world of stylish things.

tory burch

The favorite of modern women of fashion

Tory Birch became a new trend and legislatorfashion trends. Thanks to this talented woman, America got a chance to present her fashion interests at the level of the world podiums. Today the brand Tory Burch is a fashionable women's clothing, which ladies of the world know and love.

Tory Burch herself is the face of her company andauthor of collections of clothes. Tory Burch dresses are becoming popular, they are gladly worn by stars and important personalities. Women every season expect a new collection of this brand. There are outfits that are sewn only to order in a single copy. In such clothes people like to appear who value personality and have a special sense of taste. Tory tries to take into account the wishes of consumers, but does not forget about his own zest.

Becoming a Tory Birch as a Fashion Designer

Tori was born in the union of actress and pettythe family was of medium income. She spent her childhood at her parents' farm, but she was never attracted to a farm. She aspired to fame and wealth. After graduating from university, the future young designer goes to New York to conquer his fashionable peaks. Thanks to his lucky star, Tory managed to work with famous fashion legislators and conduct business together with the fashionable edition of Harper's Bazaar.

Thanks to his diligence and experience, Tory Burchwas able to launch a clothing line under its own brand. And what is most surprising, the stores, in which the collection entered, immediately sold the novelties, and the customers were enrolled in the queue to purchase things from the Birch collection.

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The brand Tory Burch was patented in 2004, and withSince then, its popularity has only increased. Its first store in New York, Tori designed in the style of its own room, where there were many mirrors and lamps. Such an interior made a furor, because it went against the then-current concept of the appearance of the store.

Today in New York works about twentyshops of this brand. There are more than four hundred stores around the world that represent Birch clothes. They are very successful, but Tori always strives to improve and improve them.

What is the fashion from Tory Birch?

Favorite style of Tory Birch is fashionablethe tendencies of the sixties, which were fond of her thanks to her mother. Virtually all of its products can be seen notes of the 60-70's. Collections of the brand can be called classics of the American style. The main thrust of the brand is walking clothes for moms who walk with children. Wearing things from Tory Birch, you can not only go for a walk in the park, but also visit with the child almost any event. All products are very comfortable to wear and made of quality materials. World stars are happy to wear things from Tory Burch. Shoes, dresses and other accessories like girls and mature ladies.

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Models of this collection are a combination of these components:

  • classical ideas;
  • modern fashion;
  • ethnic motives;
  • everyday ease;
  • bohemian notes.

Brand collections are suitable for women of differentages, occupying an active life position. However, along with this model is distinguished by bright juicy colors and fashionable drawings. Most of the products are decorated with a proprietary medallion with the letter "T". The assortment is very wide: it is sportswear, and footwear, and everyday bows, and festive outfits.

Features of Tory Burch Collections

The entire range of fashion houses differssome severity and elegance. Inspired by a fashionable diva stories from life and the outside world. The inspirer of one of the fashion collections of Tory Burch was a girl whose life was associated with a bad guy. This girl did not notice her beauty because of the dullness of everyday life.

In general, the clothing of this brand is designed for women,who follow the fashion and live it, but at the same time completely from it do not depend. Due to his hard work, Birch is the owner of a large number of awards in the fashion industry. Surely, the creator of Tory burch is moving forward. Bags only complemented many collections of this successful personality.

tory burch bags

Cost of clothes

Despite the popularity of the brand, the price of itscollections are very democratic. This factor adds to the clothes from Tory Birch fans and even greater fame. You can buy things not only in stationary stores, but also in online stores, where a full range of collections is presented. Prices start from 2000 rubles.

The name Tory Burch, thanks to her work and talent,became known throughout the world. Clothing and accessories from her collections attract the attention of women of fashion in many countries. The democratic nature of the price policy, the sophistication of cuts and the lightness of products make the brand very popular and beloved among women all over the world.

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