I want to stand out from the crowd always. Regardless of the time of the year and the weather outside the window, there is a desire to look stylish. At the same time, I want clothes and accessories not only to be fashionable, but also comfortable. Here, the company OBEY comes to the rescue. What kind of brand is it, what does it do and what are its products interesting to customers? All these and many other questions will be covered in this article.

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Advocacy of art

Many for sure at least once, but heard, or evensaw the clothes brand OBEY. What is this new trend in fashion? Let us turn to history. This brand was developed in 1989 by Shepard Fairy. As a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, on one of the lectures he drew from boredom an emblem for the label, where in large letters it was written "Obey" - OBEY. That this will be the beginning of a world-famous campaign that promotes street art and the rejection of imposed values, Shepard could not have imagined. However, the origins were laid, and gradually the head of the designer conceived the idea of ​​creating a direction that would declare itself independently.

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Source of inspiration

Short, but capacious word OBEY became a slogan forwhole propaganda campaign. "Obey," Shepard's posters said. In this case, the source of inspiration for the creation of the first work of Fairy was the film They Live directed by John Carpenter. According to the plot of the film, the main character Roddy finds several pairs of sunglasses, wearing which he sees the world as he really is. Without embellishments and lies. In this world, people live on autopilot, obeying and obeying some extraterrestrial forces, wishing to seize power throughout the country and on the planet.

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Campaign start and distribution around the world

Initially, his drawings were only parodies ofpolitical propaganda of America. Popular was his sticker with the image of President Barack Obama with the inscription Hope ("Hope"). The propaganda movement spread all over the world: posters, posters, stencils - in many countries one can find Shepard's works. By the way, he also became a hero of a small episode of the film about street art called "Exit through the souvenir shop." The OBEY brand is rooted in the subculture of punk rock, skateboarding and other areas where there is a pronounced line Do It Yourself, which means "do it yourself." That is, Shepard wanted to convey to the public the idea that the "garage" style is not just a way to rebel against the world, but also to show one's individuality, declare one's abilities and make the world obey. And not the other way around. Gradually, the elements of commercial marketing were added to the subcultures of the gateways and streets. It was a very impressive result: with the help of a mixture of styles and a little sarcasm, embedded in the name of the brand, Fairy turned out to attract a lot of attention to her "child".

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From wall inscriptions to clothing design

At the very beginning, it was only a direction inart: stickers, drawings, full-length canvases with the signature OBEY. That it will grow into something more than just a way of self-expression, Shepard realized only at the end of 2000. It was then that he thought of promoting his brand through clothes. It has become a kind of direction that extends the range of his works and allows to tell more people about their desire to rebel against the ordinary and to make the world obey ordinary people. Women's and men's clothing, hats and baseball caps OBEY - each element of the collection is the result of inspiration received after mixing military style, the characteristics of work clothes, as well as those developments on which Shepard's first achievements in the visual arts were based.

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Refusal from the gray crowd

In cooperation with designers such as MikeTernosky and Erin Wignol, Fairy developed the first collection, which was a complete reflection of his ideals, dreams and philosophy. Of course, the brand name was OBEY. Clothing suited the representatives of different strata of the population. They were attracted by a simple and stylish look. The owner of the OBEY brand, through his development, is eager to talk about multiple achievements in subcultures. At the same time, Shepard wants to show that we should move towards our goal, realizing its importance, and at the same time not forgetting about others.

If you try to delve into the essence of the concept of "upperclothes ", we can distinguish two main groups. The first category includes elements and details of the wardrobe, which are no different from many others and in no way distinguish their owner from the boring gray crowd. The second group helps to emphasize the person's belonging to this or that subculture. It is to the latter category that OBEY clothing is included. Caps, photos of which are presented in the article, hats, women's and men's clothing - all this together speaks of the person's belonging to a group of "street style" fans. Urban Style combines a lot of young people who lead a dynamic and far from boring lifestyle. That is why all the outer clothing of the brand in question is a combination of such characteristics as comfort, coziness, style and protection.

obey what is this

Two lines of clothes

Pants, shirts, caps, jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts andOBEY hats have a wide range of models, presented in different colors. Some items of the wardrobe are made in the style of unisex. This allows both guys and girls to join the culture of OBEY. At the moment, the company produces two lines of clothing: female and male. Each of them is a set of accessories and wardrobe items, as they say, "from the bottom to the top." Skirts, dresses, ties, T-shirts, bikes, waistcoats, jackets, beach suits and various accessories - all this and much more can get a girl who is close to the liking of a bright and free "street style." The male half will be pleased with the abundance of comfortable and high-quality goods of the highest quality, such as jeans, T-shirts, jackets, caps, etc.

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