Design is one of the most popular industries in theour country. Who does not call himself a designer: from serious website developers to ordinary manicure masters. However, the most that neither is a real designer is a graphic designer.

Graphic Designer
In our time of general computerization lessonsgraphics on paper remained the lot of artists. All the other specialties related to it have long been transformed into computer ones. Not an exception and a graphic designer. This is what this person is doing "scientifically": "carries out artistic and project activities to create a harmonious and effective visual and communicative environment." In fact, everything is not so scary, just the field of their activities - books, magazines, ads and websites. It is these specialists who develop visual design of pages on the Internet, magazines and books, fonts that print articles in newspapers.

portfolio of graphic designer
To work effectively in the field of design,It is necessary to have knowledge in the field of graphic editors, special programming languages ​​such as Pearl, Java. You also need to know the basics of computer layout and layout languages ​​- HTML, XML and others. In this case, the graphic designer himself can use ready-made images, photos and printed materials. His task is not to write texts or shoot. He should make sure that these texts and photos were submitted on the website or in print in the most favorable light, beautiful, effective and unusual. This is the goal of the graphic design specialist.

It is possible that after the transfer of functions, youI liked the profession of "graphic designer". "Where to study this specialty?" - you will naturally ask. Now there are a huge number of courses that give out the necessary "crusts", many faculties of the Art and Graphic and Architectural Universities also began to produce similar specialists. In general, you can turn to them first. However, the knowledge that you will get in the walls of educational institutions, will not guarantee your success in graphic design. Because in the first place, mastery of skills takes place already in the process of work. That is why in Russia a large number of graphic design specialists do not have a diploma in this profession, which, however, does not prevent them from successfully working.

graphic designer where to study
In general, the face of your knowledge in this profession will beYour portfolio of graphic designer is a selection of the most successful projects in this field, which were implemented personally by you. It and only it will tell about your skills better than any diploma and recommendations. So remember, only hard work and self-improvement will make of you a really good designer. Undoubtedly, one can not do this profession without living imagination, the ability to look at things from an unconventional angle of view and a sense of style.

All these qualities and form as a result of such an interesting and mysterious profession - a graphic designer. If you also want to try yourself in this specialty, act, and you will succeed!

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