Lollipops with company logo will be effectivemarketing move. This variant of advertising will remain in the memory of customers for a long time. Sweet presents will be very useful at presentations, discoveries, exhibitions and other events, where a large number of people are expected. As experts on advertising note, it is good to always have candies in the office, in order to treat customers on occasion.

Easy little caramel will not be left withoutattention. As a rule, customers take not one, but several lollipops, then to share them. Thus, unobtrusive advertising of the company will be distributed among the widest range of consumers. The vase with sweet presents will be especially relevant in the places where customers gather - in the reception or at the reception. No less in demand, she will be at the entrance to the negotiation room. Caramels (candies) will relieve the tense situation and help improve the mood of even the most gloomy customers.

Company offers products in individual packaging of two varieties.


Lollipops with a logo to order

Caramel mass of two grams is from 0.63 (for a batch of 1,000,000 pcs.) To 1.5 rubles (for orders of 50,000-100,000 pcs.) Per unit. The minimum order quantity is one hundred thousand pieces. Sweets of small size (50 by 15 millimeters) will produce the proper effect during the promo-actions and other open events.

The company produces Lollipops with a logo to order with mint, grape, apple, cherry,blackcurrant, apricot, pineapple, orange or banana flavor. Also offered are "Duchess", "Raspberry with cream", "Strawberry with cream", "Barberry". The label can be Pantone colors (four colors to choose from) or CMYK. PVC film - with a base of pearlescent, silver or transparent. Depending on the placement period and the volume of the order, the manufacturing time is from 10 working days. At repeated manufacture of production - from three working days.

In the molds for candies filled with components that have passed a serious quality control, so in the unsurpassed taste of the product can not be doubted.


lollipops with logo

Quality packaging from dense laminated coated paper will make caramel effective presentation for any type of customers. During the promo actions and presentations, a delicacy will be appreciated by sweethearts of all ages. It's impossible to just throw it away, as it usually happens with flyers and other similar printed products. Among the advantages of the company "" - a wide range of proposed flavors of candy. The minimum order is 16 thousand units, it is made from ten working days.

Benefits of cooperation

Specialists of the company " "treat each client carefully. Before placing an order, designers and customers discuss the appearance of the label in detail. This is a very important process, because the attractive packaging affects the effectiveness of the advertising tool. Souvenir lozenges with a logo in twine or pads will help to strengthen the status of the company. At the request of the customer, any logo, even the most complex one, can be applied to caramel. This is achieved through modern equipment and the expertise of specialists.

All goods are produced in accordance with GOST andhas certificates confirming its quality. One of the key advantages of the company is the fast production time. Experienced specialists will help you decide on the concept of the order and will suggest the optimal options for packaging design. Excellent products and respect for customers - that's what allowed the company to take a strong place in the market and not lose leadership for more than one year.