In order to attract the attention of passers-bydeveloping company, the majority of owners in the immediate vicinity of organizations install compact advertising structures, which have the name of a passing or pillar. And what is a pillar? And what kind they are?

What is a pillar?

The pillar in German stands for a rackor a tripod. It is a mobile (portable) design of outdoor advertising. As a rule, they install a pillar on the street, always near the company-advertiser in order to increase the recognition of the company.

what is a pillar

They differ in size; there are bilateral andone-sided; with a chalkboard; T-shaped pillars; A - shaped pillars; non-standard; pass under the chalk on a metal base; pillar-staples, as well as click-systems.

Among firms and organizations that use this type of advertising, the piecemeder is considered one of the most profitable and effective ways to attract the attention of passers-by: city dwellers and tourists.

In addition to efficiently supplying advertising information, the team has a number of advantages, including mobility, cheapness and simplicity in manufacturing.

Pillar construction

The dimensions of the structure may fluctuate. With the fact that the standard advertising size is usually found in the following ratios of 0.6 × 1.0 m, 0.6 × 1.15 m, 0.75 × 1.2 m and 0.7 × 1.7 m.

pillar advertising

In the manufacture of such structures use a self-adhesive film, as it is well adhered to the surface and is ideal for plotter cutting and screen printing.

In the unfolded form the billboard remindslittle house. For sufficient stability and ability to withstand natural disasters at the base of the pillar 4 points of support are made. Internally, organizations sometimes use something similar to a design, reminiscent of the appearance of small steles.

Advertising pillar is a remotefolding structure in the form of an arch or rectangle with advertising information located on one or two surfaces where the frame is made of metal, since this material is more stable and durable in comparison with wood and plastic.

Use of structures

Advertising on the pillars is located in the formtablets or pointers, with which you can find out about discounts or the location of the necessary store, read information about the company or the salon of interest. Also, this type of construction is used as ordinary boards, on the surface of which there are various ads.

In large cities around the world, pillars and similar structures that represent outdoor advertising are installed in accordance with current legislation.

What is a pillar portable? These are various kinds of billboards that can be seen on young people, usually students. Thanks to such folding structures, young people advertise goods or various services, thus making money for themselves.

pillar construction

Pillar design

An image with an advertisement or text isthe base of the pounder. This type of outdoor advertising is used when the necessary information can not be placed in another form, because it will simply not be accessible to the eyesight.

Since the advertising pillar is installed forIn order to attract the attention of others, they try to make it as visible and multifunctional as possible. With the help of modern materials, you can quickly and quickly change the content of written information: for example, exchange rates (using interchangeable tablets) or chalk written cafeteria menu.

advertising on pillars

The exterior design of the pillar is made incompliance with the field of organization and advertising, which must be done - taking into account the corporate style and design of neighboring buildings. Do this so that the design stands out and attracts the appearance of the attention of passers-by.

What is a pillar text? Or a pillar with a monochrome pattern? This is a design made on the cutting plotter, which is applied to the surface with the help of sequential application.

In the event that you need to make a designlayout, which involves 4 or more colors, you need to use a color printer. Basically, the help of this technique is used in the compilation of photographic images, because for the usual perception of advertising, as a rule, no more than 3 colors are used.

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