In order to promote their goods in the people'smass, there are many marketing moves. All of them are united under the name "advertising". This marketing element, in turn, has many varieties. Among them are: advertising in the media, hidden advertising, outdoor advertising and many others. The last element includes a type, such as a billboard. This is a pretty popular marketing move in Europe. In our country, it is just gaining popularity.

billboard is

Billboard as an element of the marketing policy of the organization

Outdoor advertising is very effectivemethod of goods promotion. First of all, this type of marketing policy allows increasing the number of potential consumers: after all, people who pay attention to bright posters and posters are many. Outdoor advertising began its development in Russia not so long ago. Its very "young" direction is a billboard - it's a huge shield, consisting of a support and a frame. The latter, in turn, is a rectangle, which is covered with plywood, steel plates or other material. In this case, the surface of the frame is covered with special compounds that protect it from atmospheric precipitation and other natural phenomena.
If this board is pulled or glued advertisingposter, it turns into a billboard. This is one of the most common types of outdoor advertising in the West. In principle, such an advantage is easy to explain. After all, if the shield is installed in the right place, it will be seen by representatives of all social groups: from students and schoolchildren to businessmen and politicians. That's why advertising on billboards is very effective, if the goods of your company is aimed at mass consumption.

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Emergence and development

If we turn to history, the very firstsimilar shields appeared in ancient Egypt. Huge frames with a cloth stretched on them were used for informational purposes. With their help, people learned about theatrical and circus performances, about the work of visiting traders, about escaped criminals and reward for their capture and other things. In Russia, the billboards came from the United States of America. There, businessmen attracted the attention of buyers, placing on the boards and boards (boards) various ads (bills). It was from here and went their name - billboard.

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Soviet Bigboards

It is noteworthy that the firstbillboards appeared in the days of the Soviet Union. However, at that time they were called completely different. Bigboards - that was the name of the first huge elements of outdoor advertising. The reason for this is as follows. In the early 90s, when large billboards with advertising posters appeared on the streets of the USSR for the first time, the main share of the market for this type of service was provided by Big Boards. As an advertisement of her organization, she placed on each board a small nameplate with her company's name. So this is how the name "bigboard" spread.

billboards placement

Differentiation of shields

A huge number of various subspeciesincludes this type of outdoor advertising as a billboard. These are not only shields that differ in size - they also differentiate by the number of sides, in shape, structure, etc.
The considered element of outdoor advertising canIt is an established frame with one, two, three and even four priority planes. Depending on how the sides are in relation to each other, distinguish triangular, V-shaped and other shields.

The design is also of great importance. Depending on this feature, you can distinguish two types of billboards:
1. Unassembled - those that represent the unity of the support and the frame of the shield;
2. Constructors, or "transformers." They consist of several parts and represent a fairly mobile design. Installation of this type of billboard takes less time and effort. It is noteworthy that this kind is very common for shields of large size.

And, of course, the size. There are many billboards that differ in width and length. On the territory of the CIS countries, the most widely used advertising billboards, the size of which is 3 meters wide and 6 meters long. In Europe and America, you can find billboards with a surface area of ​​108 square meters.

Priority directions of installation

Gradually, billboards began to be installedon the roadside. This was due to a constant increase in the number of vehicles moving between settlements. The speed of cars grew, and so that passengers and drivers could see the outdoor advertising, the shields began to increase in size.

And now the placement of billboards is carried outon busy highways, highways of international importance, suburban and ring roads. As a rule, the more traffic flows along this highway, the more effective the advertisement.

billboard installation

Significant details in the installation of outdoor advertising elements

The placement of billboards has its own nuances. For example, on highways and one-way streets, a two-way billboard is usually not installed. For the advertiser, an important and priority is the front surface, aimed at the driver and passengers. In this case, a one-way billboard is installed.

Inside the city often instead of billboards that havesupport, use posters, pasted or stretched on the walls of buildings. It is noteworthy that sometimes such outdoor advertising elements become an excellent accessory, diluting the gray streets of the city.

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