Each product or service has its own trademark, the choice of which requires professional skills and skill.


Since it directly depends on thisdemand and success of an advertising campaign for a particular type of product. Properly designed trademark successfully attracts the attention of customers, for which it simply needs to allocate the product among a mass of similar.

Development of corporate identity and choice of sonorousnames - the basic prerequisites for creating an effective logo, and in the future and the symbol, which is a trademark. In addition, various combinations of letters, numbers, and also symbols perfectly fit this role, which can be combined into bizarre and meaningful figures for the product. Nevertheless, the trademark should not consist of many primary and secondary elements, since it will be difficult to depict on products and promotional products.

So, what is a trademark? This is the personification of the corporate slogan, the reflection of the legend, from which the name originated, the expression of emerging emotions and associations. This symbol should cause positive emotions.

Patented trademark

Creating a brand is a laborious process,because it is necessary to put a lot of imagination and forces to produce an original and memorable logo. Consequently, this process should engage an educated specialist of this profile, since this designation is a means of individualization of the proposed product or services.

Patenting a trademark can be both physical,and a legal entity. For example, for the registration of a commercial enterprise, it is necessary to have a distinguishing sign from it. Most companies do the following: they create a trademark, which is both the name of the company and the service mark. However, at this stage it is necessary to take care of ensuring that your company name retains its protection for the role of the logo. A trademark is a rather specific product, the value of which increases with the growth and approval of the company, as well as the popularization of its products.

However, one should not feed iridescent illusions. A trademark is not only an attractive-looking picture depicted on a billboard. It is a bright individuality, expressed in one designation, which literally cuts into memory. This is the personification of apparent simplicity, behind which lies a deep meaning, but in no way primitive.

What is a trademark?

The trademark must be easy to read and recognizeconsumers of various age and social levels, to be close to them and as clear as possible. This will allow the logo to be well remembered. In the development of this representative symbol, in addition to the semantic burden of the company's name, it is necessary to take into account the cultural customs of the country in which the trademark is registered, as well as the psychological perception of the people living there. This is practically a mandatory factor, because what is acceptable in one corner of the world can be extremely unacceptable in another.

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