A business card is not just a waycontact with you, but also a kind of indicator of your image and style. Correct business card design will help to make new useful acquaintances and conclude profitable contracts. Below you can see examples of business cards.

Business card examples

How to apply for a business card?

It is worthwhile to draw up a business cardspecial attention, because from how well and qualitatively it will be done, the attitude to you from the side of business partners directly depends. The business card should not only contain your contact information, but also emphasize your status.

An originally designed business card with a thoughtful concept is sure to be remembered by partners and clients, will form a pleasant impression of your person. Examples of business cards, see later in the article.

Before going to a manufacturing companybusiness cards, it is worth reading this article, so that you do not make another banal and gray business card. It is better to carefully approach the choice of design and material for business cards. Examples of design you can take a note.

Bright business card

Rules of registration and a variety of cut-aways

The business card is a rectangular card, traditionally made of cardboard, its standard size is 90 x 50 cm. The following data must be present on it.

  1. First and last name.
  2. Contact phone number.
  3. E-mail address.
  4. If the business card is corporate, then it is necessary to have the name of the company and its logo.

All business cards are divided into personal and business cards. At business meetings and negotiations a business card is used. Examples of their design are presented below. The requirements imposed on them are stricter.

  1. Be sure to indicate the post of the business card holder.
  2. It is desirable to indicate the address of the owner, this is a sign of good tone.
  3. If the corporate card is corporate, it should contain the address of the company, the scope of activity and the address of the site. A good addition to such a business card will be a list of services provided.

Personal business cards are made in accordance with the wishes of the owner and can be of absolutely any design and execution. They are presented in an informal atmosphere during their acquaintance.

Example of business cards photo

Classic business cards are made of solid cardboard, which is left matte or laminated. Now plastic cards are popular - they are more durable and look more attractive.

The material used for business cards can bequite unusual. There are business cards made of wood, metal or leather. They will help you to stand out for your individuality and originality.

Secrets of the design

Correct design of business cards can postpone the necessary information in the head of the person who is studying it. The first and last name is best marked with a bold, easily readable font.

If you want to place on your business card not only text, but also an image, the text should be placed on the right, and the picture on the left. So information is better absorbed and remembered.

The style of making a business card should be chosen based on its purpose. If this is a business card, then it's better to dwell on classical design, conservative elements and strict colors.

If you are a person of a creative profession, then inThe business card can use bright colors, non-standard shapes and material, original images. Such a business card will be a continuation of your creative personality. A similar example of business cards photo below demonstrates clearly.

Collaborative card

Widely spread social networks, so it will not be superfluous to indicate your address in them. It will be convenient for a person to contact you in this way.

Do not use too small a font when designing a business card, make it readable even for a person with poor eyesight.

An interesting solution is to create a business card with the effect of 3D. You can create a card with an embossing or a more original business card. Examples you see below.

The style of the business card should be harmonious. Do not use non-compatible colors and fonts. Integrity must pass your business card. Examples can be seen in the article.

Add creative!

Business cards

To remember, you can create a business cardnon-standard form. It is not very practical to use, but the goal - to differ from the others - will be exactly achieved. Any person will be surprised by such a non-standard business card. Examples you will find in this section.

Business card non-standard

You can choose a business card from thearticle or create your own unique design. A quality business card will set you apart from the rest, help you make useful acquaintances and conclude profitable contracts.

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