Mallorca is the largest islandBalearic archipelago. Therefore it is not surprising that she is more known to the Russian tourist than her neighbors - Menorca and Formentera. Belongs to the archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Spain, and for his visit, of course, requires a Schengen visa. But if the formalities with the documents are settled, the cherished stamp in the passport is pasted in, the hotel is reserved, it remains only to buy the air ticket. Three thousand one hundred and twenty-three kilometers - this is the distance separating Moscow and Mallorca. How long does it take to reach a cherished place of rest? Our article will tell about this. You can get to the island only in two ways: by air, or by air, and by sea. Mallorca is located two hundred kilometers from the coast of mainland Spain. The Balearic Islands are connected with Barcelona, ​​Valencia and other cities by ferry crossings.

How to fly to Mallorca from Moscow

How to fly to Mallorca from Moscow on a direct direct flight

If you want to get to the place desiredrest as soon as possible; if you do not in any way want to endure the difficulties in traveling, then you should choose a liner that will take you directly from the capital of Russia to the international airport of Son San Joan. The latter is located near the main city of the island, Palma de Mallorca, on the south-west coast. Direct flights are made from Domodedovo airport. Only two companies do this. These are the "Ural Airlines" and "Siberia" (S7). How much to fly a direct flight on the route Moscow - Mallorca? The travel time for both companies is almost the same: 4 hours and 35 minutes from Ural Airlines and 4 hours and 45 minutes from Siberia Airlines. But weather conditions can make adjustments to this schedule. However, the time in flight with a headwind can stretch for a maximum of 10-15 minutes.

Moscow Mallorca time on the way

Schedule of direct flights

Want to fly on the route Moscow -Palma de Mallorca without transfer? No problems! Especially since every day from Domodedovo, at least one regular flight leaves. "Ural Airlines" send their planes to Mallorca at a very favorable time. On Thursday, the liner takes off at 8:15, and at noon it is already there. The second flight a week the airline makes on Friday. Departure is at 9:35, and arrival is expected at one o'clock in the afternoon. But another airline, S7 Airlines, makes its flights daily. The liners take off from Domodedovo at 10:40, and land in San João at 14:25. Do you want to leave Moscow later? On Tuesdays the Ural Airlines planes leave at 11:15. Expected arrival time of this flight is 14:50. And, finally, the latest flight from Moscow. It is carried out by the "Ural Airlines" only on Sundays, at 12:40. At 16:15 the plane should arrive at the airport of Palma.

Difference in time

We have resulted above the schedule of direct flights. But with the help of simple arithmetic calculations you can calculate that the travel time will not be 4 hours 45 minutes, but 3.45. So how much to fly to Mallorca from Moscow? The fact that the time of departure and arrival indicated the local - Moscow and European. And since the difference in time zones between the western part of Russia and Spain (which belongs to the Balearic Islands) is 60 minutes in summer and 120 in winter, then such confusion arises. By the way, if you count the travel time, guided by the numbers indicated in the air ticket, it turns out that in the sky you will spend more than five hours in the summer and six in the winter.

Moscow palm de Mallorca


Direct flights to all are good. But there is one minus in them. This is the price for the ticket. It starts at eight thousand, but on certain days it can go up to fifteen. Fortunately, Mallorca is a popular tourist destination. So, charters of numerous travel agencies go there. On them you can buy a ticket, and it will cost less than if you flew a regular flight. But how much to fly to Mallorca from Moscow on a charter? Machines for such travel are served new and powerful. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that the flight time will be the same as for regular direct flights - four hours and forty minutes. But since the charters in the airport schedule are of secondary importance, the ground controllers do not immediately give them a "green light" on the exit to the runway. Such aircraft may be significantly late from their estimated schedule.

On the route Moscow - Palma de Mallorca with transfers

Of course, the connecting flights will belonger than one direct. But tourists often choose this type of travel for two reasons. The first is saving. Low-costers offer the most attractive prices. The second reason is to choose flights with transfers - an opportunity to see the world. But how many flights to Mallorca from Moscow such connecting flights? The travel time in many respects depends on the waiting hours at transit airports. With a variety of proposals, it will be no less than six hours. Many tourists choose the option "plane + ferry". Air ticket to Barcelona from Moscow can be purchased already from four thousand six hundred rubles. The journey takes about four hours. A trip on a beautiful huge ferry, similar to a cruise liner, can already be attributed to the sea voyage. The holiday has begun!

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