Side is quite popular and livelya resort on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which rests comfortably 75 km from Antalya. "Side" in translation into Russian means "pomegranate". According to one version, the city received this name in honor of the goddess Artemis. Despite the decent distance from the major ports, the infrastructure is rather well developed in Side (Turkey). Description of the resort, the prices for hotels and a lot of other useful information you can find out more.

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Features of climate

For this resort is characterized by Mediterraneanclimate. The summer in the region is hot and rather arid, and the winter is mild, rainy and cool. The most significant amount of precipitation is observed in December and January. The temperature of the winter months is + 14-16, rarely falls below +10. In summer, the air temperature reaches more than 30, while the water warms up to +25. The most comfortable time for a holiday in Side - from May to October, it is at this time, as a rule, is installed cloudless, hot and windless weather.

Resorts Side

Tourists have the opportunity to relax in the followingtourist centers: Manavgat, Kumkey, Side, Sogun, Kyzylach, Cholakry, Titreyengel, Evrenseki. For a detailed study of this region, you will need a map of the resorts.

Local beaches

The nature of the resort is the majestic TaurusThe mountains, which gradually turn into sandy golden beaches. Vegetation in this area is very small, but from year to year Side is becoming more and more green and cozy thanks to the efforts of volunteers who plant the city with trees and flowers.

The most famous natural landmark is the Manavgat waterfall. It reaches 2 meters in height and 40 meters in width. The picturesque falls quickly fall directly into the river.

A gentle Mediterranean Sea is what attracts you so muchTurkey. Photos of the beaches that stretched along the old city, you can see below. In the high season the coast is literally crowded with tourists. The main beach in the city is two: west and east. They are awarded the Blue Flag. The entrance to the sea here is quite gentle and comfortable. On the eastern beach, people usually are smaller, as there is a large number of water activities on the western beach: sailing, water skiing, diving, boat trips, snorkeling. In 3 km from the city there is a secluded cove with azure water and golden sand. Here you can retire from the huge flow of holidaymakers.

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Historical places of interest

Resort Side (Turkey) - this is without exaggerationa museum in the open air and the most important archeological zone of the country. Here, for example, since the days of antiquity, the market square has survived, where not only various goods, but also slaves were sold.

The pearl of Side is an ancient amphitheater,which was founded in the II century. In those days the theater could hold up to 15 thousand people, often there were gladiatorial fights. In the period from V to VI century, this structure was used as a church. Now in it periodically hold different festivals.

We continue to explore the amazing city of Side(Turkey). The description of the resort would be incomplete if we did not remember the temple of Apollo, which was built in the II century. The temple had a rectangular shape, and from all sides it was surrounded by a colonnade in one row. True, only 5 columns survived, as the temple was badly damaged during the earthquake that occurred in the 10th century.

This resort is also famous for the fact that, according to legend, it was here that Cleopatra appointed a romantic date to Mark Antony. Since then, Side is very popular with loving couples.

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Amazing Places of Surroundings

Not only the resort of Side in Turkey (photo of whichjust bewitch), and its surroundings can boast of unique architectural objects. You can visit the ancient ruins of Perge, in Budjakshile there are ruins of a mausoleum, a theater, agora, church, Roman baths, a temple. The National Park of the cave Altynbeshik, located north of Manavgat, is very popular.

Turkey, Side Resort: hotels

Ardisia De Luxe Resort 5 *. This hotel is on the second line, the area of ​​the hotel is 50,000 square meters. There are 219 standard rooms, 6 rooms for the disabled, 280 one-room, 215 two-room, 8 three-room and 8 luxury rooms.

The rooms have everything you need: air conditioning, hairdryer, mini-bar, safe, telephone, etc. On the territory of Ardisia De Luxe there are 4 restaurants (Chinese, fish, Italian and Ottoman), 10 bars, disco, Turkish cafe, 6 outdoor pools, 14 conference rooms , indoor swimming pool, spa, cinema, dry cleaning, hairdresser, 4 water slides, car rental, currency exchange.

For children in the complex there is indoor and outdoorswimming pools, mini-club, nanny, children's buffet. Entertainment in the territory of Ardisia De Luxe abound: gym, sauna, 2 tennis courts, aerobics, mini-golf, bowling. The beach is 350 meters away, you can go to it through an underground passage.

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Club Nena 5 *. It is located directly on the seaside, 18 km from Side. The hotel offers 9 two-storey cottages (Block C) and 2 cottages (Block B) - a total of 336 rooms. There are also 5 rooms for disabled guests.

In the room there are: air conditioning, coffee table, chairs, baby cot, mini bar, bathroom, satellite TV, balcony, hairdryer, etc. There is a restaurant for 850 people, 7 bars, Turkish cafe, indoor pool, separate children's pool, water park with two slides.

We will continue to explore the hotels in Side (Turkey). Description of the resort can be completed with another hotel - Club Voyage Sorgun Select HV-1. It is located on the first line. The distance to the center of Side is 3 km. Description: 58 two-storey and 4 three-storey cottages, in total - 366 rooms. The hotel was opened in 1986, in 2001 the hotel was completely renovated. Club Voyage is open from March to November.

The rooms are equipped with: sofa, air conditioning, mini-bar, balcony, safe (fee service) bathroom, telephone, hairdryer. On the territory there is a restaurant for 680 people, 5 bars, 3 outdoor pools, a water park with one hill, 2 children's pools, a disco. Italian and Turkish cuisines are offered. There is also a buffet. The hotel has its own beach, its length is 500 meters.

Kaya Side 5 *. In the main four-story building there are 227 rooms, in three-story cottages - 108 rooms. The hotel has a restaurant for 408 people, 3 bars, an outdoor swimming pool with jacuzzi, a swimming pool with slides, a freshwater pool (indoor), a conference room for 300 people, a disco, tennis court, Internet cafe, children's playground, table tennis, shopping center, etc. There is its own pebble beach (350 m).

Silence Beach Resort 5 *. The hotel consists of the main seven-story building (676 rooms) and two-storey cottages (229 rooms). There are all conditions for disabled and non-smokers. The main building has 541 standard rooms with a view of the garden or the sea. The hotel has a restaurant for 1000 people, an outdoor pool with fresh water, a pool with slides, heated pools, a water park, 8 conference rooms, etc. Food: Italian and Turkish cuisine is offered. There is a buffet. The hotel has its own sandy beach.

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Side - a resort for the whole family

You can go to this resort even with the mostsmall tourists. For children there are all conditions. And sandy beaches with comfortable descent are also perfectly suited for bathing babies. For the quality pastime the following villages are perfect: Sogun, Kizilot, Kyzylach and Titreyengel.

When choosing a hotel is better to give preferencelarge hotels of well-known networks, here usually the children's infrastructure is developed quite well. Such hotels can offer many resorts Side. 5 stars, however, will not be expensive. Therefore, with a limited budget, you can stay in economy class hotels. Among them there are also many worthy options with good service.

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Rest for young and energetic

If you inquire about the reviews of tourists, you canmake sure that the youth in Side will also be bored. The restaurants and nightclubs that dot this resort region are waiting for you from sunset to dawn. You also have the opportunity to visit the local markets and buy something for the memory of the holiday in the numerous souvenir shops.

You are determined to go to Side (Turkey)? Description of the resort, most likely, convinced many to give preference to this place. The rich history of the city, magnificent azure sea water, picturesque landscapes attract hundreds of tourists from year to year. Finally, let's talk a little about the financial side of the issue. Of course, everything depends on many factors: the class of the hotel, the season, etc., but with the most approximate calculations for rest you will have to pay from 25,000 rubles for one person.

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We go on a trip

In any season, Turkey is beautiful in its own way. Photos of beaches, lush vegetation, historical sights, undoubtedly, will interest you. Side gladly accepts guests and guarantees that your vacation will be very interesting and eventful.

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