"Extreme Park" Mariupol for more than 14 yearsis a favorite holiday destination for residents and visitors of the city. It is interesting for both adults and children - the organizers of the park took care of everyone, so it's hard to say which age category it is mostly oriented to.

What is attractive "Extreme Park" Mariupol?

The atmosphere of the holiday always reigns in the park: playing music, in the evening lights, floodlights, lights and illumination. Animators in the costumes of cartoon characters walk around the territory and guarantee the visitors a good mood. Fun time to spend can not only on the weekend, "Extreme Park" in Mariupol works even on weekdays (except Monday) from April to October. Exact dates depend on weather conditions and vary slightly each year. So, if there is a warm autumn, the park is open until the first of November.

When the extreme park opens in Mariupol

Regularly in the park festive events are arranged. For example, Ivan Kupala's Day, Merry Ice Cream Festival, City Day and many others.

The leisure center is located in a very convenient place -just 10-15 minutes drive from the city center. Nearby there is a picturesque river Kalchik and is a very beautiful and beautifully landscaped park of culture and recreation named after N.A. Gurov. In 2016, in the vicinity of it, the construction of a zoo was started. In the last few years, around the territory of the leisure center there is a circuit for karts.

In the "Extreme Park" of Mariupol there are 14modern attractions that were brought to the city from Russia, Italy and Holland. All of them meet safety standards and undergo an annual technical inspection. The management of the park does not lag behind the new trends in the entertainment industry, so some attractions meet the needs of the active part of the population in extreme rest.

Extreme Park Mariupol prices

The pricing policy of the park is available to a wide section of the population, and compared to other similar Ukrainian vacation spots, the cost of tickets for attractions is low.

Territory of the park and infrastructure

Annually "Extreme Park" of Mariupol is visited by approximately 600 000 people. Residents of the city are very fond of this place and show visitors to the city as one of the main attractions.

Extreme Park Mariupol

The territory of "Extreme Park" is very clean,well-groomed and beautiful. In addition to the attractions, there is a magnificent free playground with colorful swings and carousels. Hungry vacationers can have a snack or try a shish kebab in the cafe. There are several biotoilets.

On the territory of the park there are trade pavilions, inwhich can buy ice cream, soft drinks, sweet cotton candy and popcorn, as well as souvenir products. Nearby there is a parking lot with a large number of parking spaces for visitors.

Park rides and the cost of tickets

All attractions can be divided into the following categories:

  • for children weighing up to 30 kg (height above 80 cm);
  • for minors up to 50 kg;
  • for adults and children weighing more than 50 kg (above 100 or 120 cm);
  • extreme.

The most visited attractions are the "Ferris Wheel" (a little over 30 m high) and "Wild Hills". Children like bumper boats, locomotives, "Flower Carousel" and "Lazy River".

Fans of extreme leisure can visit the "Tower of Freefall" and Space Gone, from which breathtaking even in adults.

Extreme vacation

Prices in the "Extreme Park" Mariupol enoughdemocratic: entrance ticket costs 3 UAH., for children's attractions - 10-15 UAH., for adults - 15-25 UAH. There is an opportunity to purchase package offers, which include the value of several specific attractions.


Residents are looking forward to the end of April - the beginningMay, when the "Extreme Park" opens in Mariupol. It makes a positive impression on most visitors. Many come here regularly, drive their children and themselves rest with pleasure.

On the sites and forums, visitors are divided up with enthusiasmwith each other bright impressions, experienced during the ride on the attractions. Some are afraid and do not dare to visit, for example, "Lump". Others, on the contrary, several times "test themselves for strength" on "Wild Train" or "Tower."

Children younger and older also love"Extreme Park" in Mariupol. This is the main entertainment of the guys on the weekends. According to the parents, many children try to behave well all week, so that moms and dads then take them to the park.

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