Each person has a special place, where to himI want to return. Without exaggeration, we can say that this statement applies to the park "Topol" in Orenburg. This park is a great place for a family holiday. There are many attractions and entertainment for children and adults, there are cafes and a dance floor. In the park there are various contests with prizes and gifts. Here you can arrange an unforgettable birthday or hold a solemn marriage registration. The address of the park "Topolya": Orenburg, Central district, Postnikova street, 30a.

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History of the park

After the devastating fires of 1879 and 1888the mayor made a decision to plant fast-growing trees on the Karavan-Sarayskaya Square in order to further create an obstacle to fires. In the spring of 1889, the city council passed a law on the creation of a new water pipe for irrigation of the park. At the same time, the Khvalyn poplar was planted on the sandy Cadet Square, which grew very rapidly. In the eighties of the last century from the once rich garden there were only 4 poplars. It was decided to plant more than 17 species of trees in the park.

Park today

At the moment the park is highly promisingand a developing holiday destination for the whole family. There are no analogues of the "Topol" park in Orenburg. In this place there is an activity for the soul and for people with an active lifestyle, and for inert visitors. There are a lot of attractions in the park, both for the youngest visitors, and for fans of extreme sports. Very often in the park "Topolya" Orenburg there are all kinds of competitions, performances, drawings. In winter, life in the park does not freeze, it becomes a favorite place for walks of citizens.

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In the park "Topol" Orenburg is not boring. It always plays nice music, around funny people. In the "Topol" a huge number of modern attractions. They can be divided into three categories: children's, extreme, family.

Attractions for children

Popularity is the railway. This interesting attraction for kids opened in the park only recently. A miniature train will drive pre-school children.

In the park "Poplars" there are several colorful trampolines. For the fidget, which likes sea adventures, was created an amazing sea trampoline, where you can go on a real journey, to meet different marine inhabitants among them - a huge octopus. And you can also visit an unusual mysterious island with palm trees and tropical fauna.

The attraction with a wonderful name "Sunny" is a Ferris wheel for children under 8 years old, who also want to see the world from a height. The Ferris wheel will raise children to a height of about 5 meters.

Children will have great pleasure, having visited the park "Poplar" in Orenburg. The operating mode is as follows:

  • Monday to Friday from 11 to 23 hours;
  • Saturday - Sunday from 10 to 23 hours.

It should be noted that the park works only in good weather!

mode of poplar park in Orenburg

Extreme rides

One of the most extreme - "Mars", he makes a circular turn at a distance of 18 meters from the ground.

The park is also famous for all the attraction "American Hill", its length is 250 meters, the height of the rise is 12 meters, the capacity is 18 people.

Another attraction that captures the spirit is the Kangaroo trampoline. Jumping up a few meters.

Attractions for the whole family

The favorite Ferris wheel also found its place in the park, its height is 31 meters. On an attraction, children under 12 years are allowed only with their parents.

An unusually beautiful wedding carousel,located in the park "Topolya". It will bring pleasure to both children and adults. Umchit on fabulous horses in a magical land. Do not pass by and the wedding cortege: here you can arrange an excellent photo shoot. There is such a sign: if a young married couple takes up arms and rides on the carousel on the day of marriage, the family will be sure to be happy.

Another attraction that is very popular is water balloons. Being inside the ball, you can try to walk on the water, and it's not so simple.

Park "Topolya" (Orenburg): prices for attractions

We offer you to get acquainted with the prices for park rides for 2017.

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Professional photographers work in the park. Those wishing to change their image can use the services of aquagimers. The park has about 10 operating cafes.

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