On the western side of the Tibetan Plateau in the 200'skilometers from the border with Nepal is the sacred mountain Kailas. It does not belong to the main ridge of the Himalayan plateau, according to geologists, this hill rose from the ocean floor. Over time, its edges were honed by wind and water, so that Kailas acquired a rectangular shape.

Sacred mountain

For many millennia this place is consideredsacred to all peoples living in the nearest countries. In India, every Hindu wants to see Kailas at least once in his life. It is this peak that is considered the sanctuary of the god Shiva, who, according to the traditions of the followers of Hinduism, destroys illusions and burns bad karma.

The sacred mountain is a popular place for manyYogis and seekers of truth, who have spent many years there in prayers and meditations. And today there are sometimes people who want to receive the energy of love and grace.

Pilgrimage of Buddhists

Sacred mountain Kailash

According to the faith of Buddhists, if you bypassa mountain with the right motivation and thoughts, then the karma accumulated over several past lives will be cleared. Therefore, the sacred mountain Kailas is a favorite place for many pilgrims. Hindus and Buddhists go around it clockwise, and the followers of the Bon religion are moving in the opposite direction. True pilgrims, eager to receive a guaranteed release from the sins of past lives, must bypass Kailas 108 times (the length of one circle is 53 kilometers). It is worth noting that it is not recommended to avoid the sacred place to satisfy one's own ambitions, enlightenment will not come, and the mountain will avenge the unbelievers.

Difficulties of climbing

Sacred mountains of Tibet

It is believed that all who attempted to conquerthe sacred mountains of Tibet, died on the way to the top or came back, but already crazy. Explain this ancient treatise. In all of them it is said that the sacred mountain will be subdued only to the gods, the rest it sheds.

Millions of believers around the world are protesting againstclimbing Kailas, supports them and the UN. When the Chinese authorities allowed the expedition from Spain to climb the sacred mountain, its participants could not rise above their base camp - thousands of pilgrims were on their way.

Features of Kailash

Sacred mountain

The sacred mountain is a four-sideda pyramid of regular shape. The lateral faces of this figure are turned to the four sides of the world, and the rounded top resembles an egg in shape. Kailas consists of thirteen horizontally located stepped layers, remotely resembling pyramids. The top of Kailas is covered by a cap of eternal ice. The south side, the wall of the mountain, is cut from the top down by a straight cleft, which runs exactly along its middle.

Layered terraces on the walls of the crack formA huge stone staircase that leads from the bottom of the mountain to its summit. In the rays of the setting sun, this natural construction creates a unique pattern, similar to a swastika.

According to eastern cosmology, the sacred mountain -It is the center of the world system that crosses the axis of the universe. The abstract thinking of ancient cosmogonies, not limited to superfluous knowledge, clearly builds a colossal picture of the universe. Theories of famous astrophysicists look pale against the backdrop of the ancient Eastern concept of the universe.

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