Park Gagarin ( Novokuznetsk) is a legendary place in which not a single generation of citizens grew up. Here come the whole family to go for a ride on the merry-go-round, have fun with children or just relax among the picturesque lawns and trees. This is the only urban green zone of such proportions, so it is not surprising that in the middle of the day the park is full of visitors of all ages. What kind of attractions can be found here?

History of the park opening

Gagarin Park (Novokuznetsk) is the only onea large green zone, located in the Central area of ​​the city. Its opening took place in the summer of 1966. The park was built as part of the large-scale landscaping of Novokuznetsk. Originally it was in place a swamp, which had to be covered with earth. Therefore, to create a park, it was necessary to work hard.

Gagarin Park of Novokuznetsk
It is interesting that almostall the townspeople: planted flowers and trees, smashed the flower beds. Then the very first attractions appeared in Gagarin's Park. Novokuznetsk has since grown noticeably prettier, and these changes, of course, touched the green zone. Over the years, there have appeared many new attractions and entertainment, not only for children, but also for adults.

What attractions can be visited?

What is most interesting for children visiting the parkGagarin (Novokuznetsk)? Carousels, of course! There are so many of them that are enough for all the kids. Attractions are for children of all ages. For kids, a separate play area was allocated, for older children and parents, rides are more complex. Swings and carousels, rooms of laughter and fear, a trampoline complex, and a huge Ferris wheel - there will be fun for everyone!

To the list of the most favorite and inexpensive visitorsusually include "Storm" (about 50 rubles), "Emel", "Pharaoh" (80 rubles). However, to choose the best attraction, it is worthwhile to visit all. A truly unforgettable vacation will provide Gagarin Park (Novokuznetsk). Prices for entertainment remain available. For example, children's tickets for attractions cost from 30 to 50 rubles, adults - about 100. Therefore, you can often come here to rest with the whole family.

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News of Gagarin Park

This year the Gagarin Park (Novokuznetsk) istradition was opened on May 1, after all the attractions were installed and tested. In addition to long-familiar and favorite entertainment, visitors expect pleasant new items. One of them was a rope town. It is a fascinating obstacle course from the ladders and bungee.

The town is divided into two levels: the lower and upper. The first of them can visit children from six years old. The upper obstacle course is intended for teenagers and adults, you can get on it only with insurance and a protective helmet. This pleasure will cost about 200-250 rubles - depending on the complexity. Such an extreme holiday will be to the liking of both children and adults.

Also in the park there will be a speciala sports ground for people with disabilities with slides and simulators. It is assumed that a person will be able to drive up to the attraction and change directly from the wheelchair to the projectile. It is planned that her visit will be free. The construction of this sports ground is already underway, so that the opening can be expected in the very near future.

attractions in the park gagarin novokuznetsk

Entertainment and attractions

However, rides are not the only thinginteresting park Gagarin. Novokuznetsk collected on its territory many more attractions. First of all, you can mention the city planetarium. It was opened in the park in 1970. Ten years later, an Il-18 plane was installed here, and a cinema for children was set up in his cabin. A few later in the park was a solemn opening of the bust of Yuri Gagarin and a monument dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of the city of Novokuznetsk.

Pleases and the infrastructure of the park. There are small shops and cafes where you can have a snack and gain strength. Children will like sweet sugar candy and soda. Parents can spend time enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee or tea in one of the cozy restaurants of the park. Sitting on a bench by the fountain, you can relax after the rides. For bicyclists there are special paths. Directly in the park draw their paintings of street artists, sounds nice music. In a word, there is a place for everyone.

park gagarin novokuznetsk prices

Park operating mode

Gagarin Park is located at: Novokuznetsk, Spartak 5. It is open from May to September. However, this only applies to rides, and you can walk in it, of course, at any time. Those who are interested in how much Gagarin Park works in Novokuznetsk will be useful to know its schedule: from 10 to 22 hours, without days off. Pleases that the prices for attractions are the most democratic, and the administration promises not to raise them.

Difficulties and achievements

However, it does not do without difficulties. Almost forty-year history of the park left its mark on his appearance. The famous planetarium began to collapse, and the plane "IL-18" and completely demolished because of the destruction. In some places the park, unfortunately, looks abandoned and not well-groomed. Also, visitors complain about big queues to the cash registers, especially on weekends.

But, fortunately, at the present timelarge-scale reconstruction of the park. The city's leadership plans to improve the alleys and paths of the green zone, make convenient car parks nearby. The monument has already been reconstructed for the fiftieth anniversary of the city. Architects do not plan to make major changes to the appearance of the green zone and promise to do everything to save it for future generations.

park gagarin novokuznetsk merry-go-round
Recently, the planetarium has been reconstructed, the trekking in which also remains a favorite entertainment for visitors. It provides cognitive excursions for adults and children. Prices range from 150 to 200 rubles.

The administration of the park regularly encourages citizens with new attractions and entertainment, as well as ennobling its appearance, breaking new flower beds and fountains.

Holiday for the whole family

Today Gagarin's park remains a favorite placeleisure time for children and adults. The area of ​​the green zone leaves about twenty-five hectares. Numerous paths and benches are ideal for unhurried walks and rest, while the kids are entertained at the attractions. Fans of active leisure can go in for sports in the open air. They often come here on bicycles and rollerblading, and green lawns are ideal for yoga and gymnastics.

how much does Gagarin Park work in Novokuznetsk?
In the amusement park Gagarin is so niceremember childhood and return to it, being already an adult. Therefore it is not surprising that it remains one of the most popular places in the city. People of all ages like and often visit Gagarin's park - Novokuznetsk can be proud of such a landmark.

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