There are several places in Cherepovetsfor active pastime, each of them has a different purpose. Some bases are designed for rest with the whole family, while others are suitable only for anglers or hunters.

"Upper Fish" Base

 recreation base Cherepovets

The fishing base "Verkhnyaya Rybinka" providesthe opportunity for all fishermen and hunters to get a good rest. Cherepovets recreation center has, equipped according to modern European requirements. In addition, this resort provides an opportunity for everyone to conduct corporate and family events.

The tourist base is located in twentykilometers from Cherepovets, on a separate, protected area. Convenience lies in the fact that it is located on the shore of the Rybinsk reservoir, that is, anyone can here wander along the shore with a fishing rod or a spinning rod.

The base consists of small wooden cottages where you can relax not only with your soul, but also with your body, because there is a bath complex and a huge number of sports grounds on the territory.

Recreation center "Sosnovka"

Rest in Cherepovets can also be well spent onbase "Sosnovka". Here you can relax not only with your friends or colleagues, but also with the whole family. "Sosnovka" offers all its guests the opportunity to organize corporate parties, weddings and any other festive events. For the convenience of the heads of the recreation center, all visitors can take advantage of the opportunity to book a professional presenter or DJ on their holiday. Recreation bases Cherepovets, as a rule, are located several dozen kilometers from the city.

Karpovo: family holidays

Cherepovets recreation center provides such, whereyou can relax in the circle of your family and usefully spend the weekend. The recreation center "Karpovo" is known among the locals for its winter entertainment, rental of sports equipment and sauna. Here athletes and other guests come from all over the region. Four guest houses are designed for eighty-six people.

"Karpovo" is used for a variety of mass sports events, as well as corporate parties and family celebrations.

Recreation center "Roshchino"

rest in the cherepovets

"Roshchino" is a relatively largewhich can simultaneously accommodate three hundred and sixty vacationers. This resort also favorably differs from all the others in the ability to purchase vouchers immediately on the base, without having to travel around the city and search for places of sale.

Guests of the city are delighted with what they areoffers to rest Cherepovets. Recreation bases located in the area are almost completely buried in the forests, so here you can enjoy fresh air and enjoy walking.

In "Roshchino" are often held all sorts ofdiscos and celebrations, and thanks to its proximity to the city, everyone can enjoy it. To all who are tired of pastime on the air, the "Roshchino" base offers its vacationers to usefully spend time in the fitness area, gym or compete in the game of table tennis.

Recreation center "Gorodishche"

rest Cherepovets recreation centers

Most locals also like to spendtheir time with benefit and see what they can offer rest Cherepovets. Recreation bases located in close proximity to the city - the most optimal option in this case. "Gorodische" is located just eight kilometers from the city, on the picturesque bank of the Rybinsk Reservoir. Here you can not only hunt or engage in fishing, but also fry shish kebabs, play tennis and plenty of singing in karaoke.

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