The capital of Argentina attracts tens of thousandstourists, travelers and just tourists who come to Buenos Aires, to personally enjoy the unique sights of this city and make contact with the ancient culture of this state.

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Maybe someone does not know where isBuenos Aires? This city is located 275 kilometers from the Atlantic coast, in the bay of a very beautiful bay of La Plata. By its structure, Buenos Aires is a capital that is distinguished by the presence of small-size areas that are very similar to each other, but at the same time they have characteristic features in form and interior color. For example, the San Telmo district embodied the historical heritage of many nationalities in the structures of various architectural styles. Here in a single complex, Spain's colonial style, Italian detailing and classicism of France with their splendor and elegance coexist peacefully.

The capital of Argentina is rightfully considered one of thethe world's largest megacities, and this is difficult to argue, because in this city is concentrated one third of the population of the entire state, and this is about thirteen million people.

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Recently, the metropolitan population, as well aspopulation of its suburbs, is increasing due to the arrival of emigrants from neighboring countries - Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, the bulk of which are guest workers. But as if there were not, in all this diversity slips hardly visible, but with a very firm footfall, the spirit of this country. And in all its glory this is manifested in the strong passion and elegance of Argentina's national dance - tango, which is danced everywhere in dance halls, in open spaces, recreation parks, dance clubs, and the Argentine capital feels in a common rhythm with this charming dance.

Buenos Aires is a city inhabited by people of many nationalities, but the communities in it are subdivided not by race, but by class origin.

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Representatives of Italy and Spain, who havedirect relation to settlers of the colonial era, constitute the bulk of the indigenous population of the capital, the remaining thirty percent are from Japan, England, China and many other countries. Almost all the Argentine attractions are concentrated in its capital, and for the unique architectural beauty, in which the style of the European continent predominates, is called South American Paris.

The capital of Argentina is a lot of museumsdifferent profiles. The most famous of them are the center of culture of San Martin, the museums of natural sciences and fine arts. Any tourist will get a great satisfaction from visiting the International Art Gallery and from one of the main attractions of this city - the Kolon Opera Theater. And it is quite natural that here one can not simply pass by the national Argentine tradition without touching it. This is football. You can be completely sure that without souvenirs with football symbols you will not stay - here they are offered at every step.

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