Greece gave the world so much beauty that beforeNow almost every person on the planet wants to see this cradle of culture. This fact explains the multimillion flow of tourists, rushing to the Greek coast in any season of the year.

SKG Airport

Greece is an antique treasury

Is everything in Greece? Well, of course, absolutely everything. Such a variety of entertainment and attractions, as in Greece, there is no other country in the world. Divers can enjoy diving in the coastal waters of the Mediterranean or the Aegean Sea in search of sunken ships, whose holds are filled to the brim with treasures from around the world. Fans of beach holidays will appreciate the numerous small Greek islands, each of which is distinguished by its bright individuality, as well as stunningly delicious dishes of national cuisine. In addition, almost any city in Greece is a monument of ancient culture with the ruins of churches and the richest museum collections.

Thessaloniki - the capital of the cultural life of Europe

Along with Athens and the well-known islandSantorini, Thessaloniki can be considered the center of the cultural and Christian life of Europe. This tourist itinerary includes a lot of activities that will make a holiday in the Greek Thessaloniki truly unforgettable.

Few people know, but this city is consideredthe birthplace of Cyril and Methodius, the ancestors of the Slavonic alphabet. For a long time, between Thessaloniki and Constantinople, there was an unspoken rivalry for the title of the world center of the Christian religion.

Now Thessaloniki can offer travelers not only their past, but also the present, filled with holidays, carnivals and annual festivals.

SKG Airport: unknown name

For many years, Thessaloniki has attractedmillions of tourists. Many of them, buying an air ticket, are worried about the final destination, indicated by the SKG code. The name of the airport in this case raises questions. Particularly similar disturbances are affected by newcomers, who for the first time fly out of the country or never bought tickets independently.

SKG airport

We hasten to reassure all travelers. In your route receipts there are no errors if you see a mysterious combination of SKG. The destination airport, according to this coding, is called "Macedonia" and is located in Greek Thessaloniki. It is here that all Russian tourists who dream of spending their holidays in one of the most beautiful cities of Greece.

International code: where does it come from?

Experienced travelers know that eachThe international airport has its designation in three letters of the Latin alphabet. These letters can be found on air tickets, route receipts or even road signs. Where do they come from?

The fact is that before opening eachthe international airport must pass the certification. As a result of this verification, he receives admission to the service of foreign companies and individual code. In the case of Thessaloniki, SKG airport code.

Assigning an individual three-letter codethe International Air Transport Association, which conducts certification of all airports. Also, this organization is an inspecting and controlling body that monitors the quality of the services provided at every airport in the world.

SKG Airport Greece

What does the SKG encoding hide? Airport

Greece has always been very hospitablecountry, therefore, despite its small size, it has two international airports. The second most important and passenger flow in the country is in Thessaloniki.

SKG Airport is a fairly large air hub,through it there are not only tourists who want to relax in Thessaloniki, but also those who go to the popular island resorts of the Aegean Sea. Now the airport is almost in the center of the city, the main sights can be reached, having overcome only thirteen kilometers.

International airport: brief historical information

SKG Airport has a history from the thirtiesthe last century, then it was called Thessaloniki Airport Mikra and was located in the suburb of Thessaloniki. An aerodrome was built for military needs and only in the middle of the last century it began to serve civil aviation liners. Every year its passenger traffic increased, and the Greek authorities were forced to rebuild and modernize such an important air junction several times.

In the sixties of the twentieth century, the airport was moved to a new location and completely rebuilt. At the same time, it received a modern name and its international code, which is still in use.

Thessaloniki's air gate today

Currently, the airport serves more thanfour million passengers a year, military aircraft and civil aviation liners are based on its territory. There is also a popular in the city flying club and private parking.

 SKG Airport Code

The last modernization of the airport in Macedoniawas held about ten years ago, but now a new reconstruction is planned, which would allow to receive up to ten million passengers a year. Inside the building there are two terminals, cafes, restaurants and currency exchange points. Those who wish can take a walk in duty-free shops or rent a car. The whole infrastructure of the terminal works twenty-four hours a day.

The resorts of Greece have always been a desirable vacation spotfor tourists, because almost everyone dreams of joining the culture and history of this country, counting several millennia. It's no surprise that SKG Airport, located in Thessaloniki, receives more and more travelers from different countries every year. If you are planning to visit Greece, then, most likely, acquaintance with it will begin for you from the airport of Macedonia.

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