Summer is the time for holidays, and many Russians alreadystart to think about where to go to rest. One of the most popular resort cities in our country is Adler. Every year hundreds of trains carry vacationers from all over the country. Recently, many of the compounds have been converted into branded ones, and it has become somewhat more convenient to travel to them.

Buy tickets

Traveling to the sea is always a pleasure. In order for a good vacation mood not to be spoiled, it is worthwhile to take care of buying tickets in advance. Wishing to get to Adler by train during the holiday season is more than enough, and travel documents for the planned day at the ticket office may simply not be. Book tickets better at least a month before the trip. Today, if you want, you can get rid of a long standing in the queue, ordering a ticket through the website of RZD or the Internet bank.

to the Adler by train

The time specified in the travel document should beto come to the station without forgetting to take your passport with you. He will need to show the conductor along with the ticket. Passengers without a passport are not allowed to enter the car.

If we talk about the level of comfort, in differenttrains it can be different. Recently, JSC "RZD" has bought a lot of new cars. But there were plenty of old ones - half-rotten. If you want to get to Adler by train in comfort, buy a ticket for the company line-up. There are no special guarantees that you will reach your destination without hassle, and in this case, however, the chances are still much greater.

Train 102 Moscow - Adler

Opinions of passengers about this train increasedcomfort was very good. The conductors in it are polite, but the conditions are quite good. Shelves in the cars are soft and not upholstered with dermatitis, but with a cloth. Each compartment has a TV and individual radio. Headphones for listening to the latter are issued by the conductor. There are points for connection both on the upper and lower shelves.

Train Minsk Adler

It is very convenient to consider that the wagonsare equipped not with simple toilets, but with bio. This means that they do not close at the stops. In addition, in these latrines is usually clean. In the corridors, there is also a placard that tells whether the toilet is free or not. So the passengers who decided to get to Adler by train 102 will be completely relieved of the need to stand in line.

Train 104В Moscow - Adler

Under this number there is a line-up, not so long agowhich aroused the interest of the whole country. The fact is that this train is not ordinary, but two-story. Of the positive moments, the passengers of this line note first of all the availability of free Wi-Fi (which even sometimes works), sockets in the compartment and clean toilets. The disadvantages of the train include cramped space in the compartment, the aisles and on the stairs. The upper shelves are cheaper, but they are not particularly comfortable. To sit on them, for example, will not succeed. The fact is that there are no third shelves for luggage in the compartment of this composition. The distance from the surface of the second to the ceiling is rather small. Especially on the second floor. Here, the ceiling is also slightly skewed.

adler train lower Novgorod

This train Moscow - Adler, reviews about which inNetworks are both more or less positive, and negative, apparently, not very convenient, but you can travel in it without any problems and difficulties.

Train 014С Saratov - Adler

About this composition, the passengers' responses are quite the sameare contradictory. The level of ride comfort in it depends on the wagon and the competence of the conductor. Some say that the service in this train is very good, the conductor always meets the wishes of passengers. Others consider the servicemen of the 014S to be rude and lazy.

[], train St. Petersburg adler

Apparently, Saratov-Adler-the train is notespecially comfortable and in terms of equipment. It is not too pleasant to feel in him, for example, people who do not tolerate the heat. Conductors in wagons, according to some Internet users, are forced to close the windows, because the air conditioner works. However, since the speed of the train is not too big, there is little sense from it. Depending on the wagon and the train, there may be either biotoilets or conventional ones.

Of the positive moments, passengers note very comfortable mattresses and pillows. Also, many people like the fact that a blanket comes in a set of underwear.

Train 38 Minsk - Adler

Despite the fact that this composition is claimed asbranded, with a special comfort in it to ride it is unlikely to succeed. The toilets in the cars are ordinary, and the guides close them not even in the sanitary zone. In general, in this respect the train Minsk-Adler is similar to all old domestic trains with a traditional lack of service. Some passengers are also very unhappy with the linens issued in the wagons. The fact is that it is covered with some kind of white powder, left on clothes and in hair. To all other things, this fast train is often late.

train moscow adler reviews

Train 035A Saint-Petersburg - Adler "Northern Palmira"

"Northern Palmyra" reviews from passengers earnedvery good. Composition 035 - the most popular train for St. Petersburg, decided to rest on the sea. A good opinion among the travelers to the south was the maintenance and the level of comfort in the cars. The train schedule at 035 is very convenient. It makes stops quite long enough for passengers to go to the platform, relax and take a walk. Breakfast is included in the fare. Despite the fact that the train is firm, it also has reserved seats.

saratov adler train

The only thing that can cause somecensure is that tickets for the Petersburg-Adler train "Severnaya Palmira" are very difficult to buy. But in this case everything is explained by the popularity of the composition. The travel documents for him are bought out instantly. Therefore, those who want to get to the sea with comfort about tickets should take care in advance (45 days before departure).

Train 087G Adler - Nizhny Novgorod

This composition is quite comfortable. The price of the ticket includes bed linen, viewing licensed video programs, magazines, a laundry brush, board games, a hygiene kit, meals. The cars are equipped with 220 V sockets and dry closets.

The Adler-Nizhny Novgorod train is new (for the first timein the flight it was released in October 2014), and therefore it is not yet possible to find information on the level of service in it. Maybe this summer someone will write about their impressions of the trip. But in any case everything in it must be new and modern.

Price list

Next, let's look at how much it will becost to get to Adler by train. The price of travel in different compositions may vary. The table shows the approximate cost per regiment in different trains (in rubles for the spring of 2015). Find out how much exactly will cost a trip to Adler from this or that city, you can by calling the cashier of RZD or on the site of this company.

Ticket prices for train to Adler

A train




102 Moscow - Adler




104В Moscow - Adler




014С Saratov - Adler




035A Saint-Petersburg-Adler




087Г Nizhny Novgorod - Adler




What is worth knowing about?

There are some rules of the traveler that are worth observing:

  • Perishable products should not be taken with you on the road.
  • Pregnant women, passengers with young children and elderly people in domestic trains are usually given a place on the lower shelf.
  • It's not too good to change clothes in a compartment with other passengers, even if they are the same sex with you. Ask the neighbors to go out into the corridor for a couple of minutes.
  • Men usually help women to raise their luggage to the third regiment or remove it from there. It is also customary to bring suitcases to lonely ladies before leaving the car.

Well, hopefully our article will be usefulfor those who gathered in the summer to the sea. The main thing is to buy tickets on time. Temporary difficulties on the road - even if they are - nothing compared to a pleasant holiday under the gentle southern sun. Happy journey to you!

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