The crazy rhythm of modern life does not givethe opportunity for a person to relax, to see the beauty of the flashing landscapes that seem painfully familiar and unpretentious. But every building, every street and alley has something very interesting, catchy and able to open people's eyes to many hateful things in their life history. And only the illumination, the lightning of the energy that pierced the human body, can breathe new forces into the tired body and make you look at the world in a new way. In most cases, such a lightning is a journey.

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So why not give your body an opportunityfill with fresh forces and positive emotions in the resort of Split? Croatia is the richest European granary, representing the world aristocratic face of medieval buildings, ancient fortresses and monuments of culture.

Being the heart of the province of Dalmatia, the resort of Splitenjoys a crazy popularity among lovers of a good holiday, which Croatia is so famous for. Split is comfortably located between the cities of Dubrovnik and Zadar. The second largest city of the republic can boast of peace and tranquility, reigning here even at the height of the tourist season. Honestly, in this city there is never such a phenomenon as the peak hour, and traffic jams, and crowds of people, randomly scurrying through the streets in search of something new, is a concept absolutely inapplicable to the resort of Split. Croatia is completely like a country from fairy tales and dreams: here every centimeter of space is filled with musical motifs of historical events.

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The resort of Split is an amazing, picturesque city,where historical epochs are interconnected by linen ropes. Quietly settling on the fantastic promenade of the resort, it seems that he found himself somewhere on the azure coast of France: the marvelous beauty of the embankment, bordered by slender, flexible palm trees, washed by the gentle blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, in which the fleeted snow-white yachts slowly and smoothly sway. And looking around - you discover Diocletian's palace, and everything immediately falls into place - it's the same Split. Croatia is rightfully proud of this fascinating city, sponsored by UNESCO.

For 17 centuries the city retains itsprotects traditions, bringing new treasures and cultures to this treasury. Authentic old houses, in the neighborhood with which they boldly put their roofs on the roofs of modern hotels and hotels, trendy clubs politely bow to the old alentine mansions and museums, who with a grin look at this "young growth" - this is Split. Croatia is considered to be one of the best European countries for tourism.

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A huge number of snow-white sandypebbly beaches, gently taken prisoner by the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, bordered with emerald greenery of pine and palm trees - this is what Dalmatian Croatia - Split is famous for. Hotels located on the territory of the resort with an enviable frequency, offer tourists excellent service at reasonable prices gradually, from the hotel to the hotel, soaring to the services of the highest class. Almost every hotel and hotel has its own private beach.

A variety of nightlife, all kinds of water sports, a relaxing holiday on the sand of the beach and the affectionate touch of the sun - that's what attracts tourists in this fabulous Croatian resort - Split.

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