For a child, a visit to the planetarium can be one of the brightest events of childhood. That's why when you become adults, most people come here again.

Today in Yekaterinburg, severalplanetariums. Some of them are stationary, others are equipped with mobile equipment. The programs offered to visitors differ in their focus. They can be entertaining or educational.

Planetarium in the Museum of Radio

The most famous planetarium in Ekaterinburglocated in a building that belongs to the Sverdlovsk Regional Museum of Local History and is associated with the historical events of the city. Here is the Radio Museum, dedicated to its inventor AS Popov.

Yekaterinburg Planetarium

Employees of the planetarium offer visitorsprogram consisting of two parts. In the first part, listeners will receive interesting information about the solar system, close and distant stars, existing galaxies, the vast universe.

The second part of the time allotted to stay inplanetarium, is organized at the discretion of the visitors themselves. They can choose to view the theme of the multimedia program. Her choice depends on the age of visitors, cognitive needs.

The Planetarium of Yekaterinburg in the Radio Museum is waiting for itsguests daily from 11 to 18 hours, except on Sunday and Monday. The ticket costs from 100 to 250 rubles (depending on the age category of visitors).

Center for Popular Science in the Salyut Cinema

Another planetarium in Yekaterinburg is located in the building of the cinema "Salyut". The main goal that its employees set for themselves is the popularization of scientific knowledge.

planetarium prices in Ekaterinburg

The newest equipment of the planetarium contributessolving this serious task. The unique projection system provided by the Japanese company makes it possible to reproduce an image of the highest quality.

Visitors are offered programs of scientific,scientific-cognitive, entertaining nature. The hall can accommodate up to 30 spectators at a time. The schedule of the planetarium before visiting it should be clarified by contacting the city inquiry service. The ticket price is about 250-300 rubles.

Spherical Cinema

To get maximum pleasure and unforgettable impressions will help visitors to a new planetarium in Yekaterinburg. He is located in Greenwich, the largest shopping mall in the city.

Planetarium is a sphericala cinema hall equipped with multi-project digital equipment. Modern technology allows you to reproduce the image and sound of excellent quality. With great interest, viewers get acquainted with programs on space, learn about the evolution of the Earth, the life of the inhabitants of the seas and oceans.

Special studies have established that inan ordinary cinema hall, a person is able to perceive an average of 45% of what he hears and sees, and at a survey of 360 degrees 80% of incoming information becomes available for perception. A planetarium with similar equipment is the only one in Yekaterinburg and the Urals region.

Mobile Planetarium

Recently, the popularity ofthe planetarium of Yekaterinburg, which has a mobile version. To help the inhabitants of remote villages and small towns enjoy a journey to the planets of the Solar System or in the Universe, it is not necessary to visit the planetariums that are in the city. In any locality in the region or neighboring areas, you can invite a mobile planetarium.

new planetarium in Yekaterinburg

It is an inflatable dome thatcan be delivered in minutes using special equipment. The image is displayed on the entire inner surface of the dome. Thanks to this, the effect of the viewer's presence in the atmosphere, his full immersion in the events of the film, is created.

Requirements for the premises where it can be installedplanetarium, are minimal. Its width and length should be at least six meters, and height - about three meters. For example, in school it can be an assembly or sports hall. In the house of culture - foyer, lobby.

The programs demonstrated by the mobile planetarium,provided by researchers from the Radio Museum. Therefore, the quality and reliability of information obtained during the session, there is no doubt.

planetarium schedule

Heads of educational authorities welcome such practice of work and recommend using the services of a mobile planetarium to schools, kindergartens and cultural institutions.

Star Trek

This is the name chosen for a company that promotes the market equipment, which should have a mobile planetarium.

Ekaterinburg (prices for rent, installation and dismantlingof the necessary equipment can be learned directly by contacting the company) in this respect became an innovator: today, Star Trek LLC is the only enterprise in the Urals region that is ready to offer services of this kind.

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