Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk are two magnificentcity, located on the territory of Ukraine. Each of them has the main advantages, attractions and interesting places. If you build a route on a map, you can see that the route between them is one straight line. This suggests that it is easy to overcome it on any personal or public vehicle.

Kharkiv dnepropetrovsk

How to get there by car

Distance from Kharkov to Dnepropetrovskis only 218 kilometers. This means that it can easily be crossed on a personal vehicle. If you go by car without stops and traffic jams, with an average speed of 80 km / h, the total travel time will be 2 hours, 44 minutes. The gasoline consumption will be approximately 24 liters.

There is only one option, how to get by car from one city to another:

  • You should leave Kharkov, heading along the road to Krasnograd. Be sure to pay attention to the pointers and you are already in 108 kilometers will be in the designated city.
  • On the outskirts of the Kharkov region is located the city of Pereshchepino, it is still necessary to lay about 41 kilometers of the road before it.
  • The first city that will meet already inDnepropetrovsk region - Novomoskovsk, before it will have to go another 46 kilometers. Here the driver can breathe quietly - he almost already was in the designated place, there is only 23 kilometers to Dnepropetrovsk.

The road is not close, but it is even,wide and clean. Stay in the settlements, by which you will go, there certainly will be something to see. On the road, there will also be several gas stations, roadside cafes and grocery stores.

bus kharkov dnepropetrovsk

We go by train

The most convenient and comfortable way to get fromKharkov to Dnepropetrovsk is a train. Daily departures from the South Station (officially, "Kharkov-Passazhirsky") depart in this direction trains. Departure is at 20:01, and after 4 hours, 42 minutes the traveler will be in the designated place.

In addition to the main, there are two passing trainsfrom Moscow and Kursk, they also follow every day. In summer, if necessary, an additional route is introduced if a large number of tourists are observed.

The minimum ticket price is 183UAH, this is approximately 431 Russian rubles. Discounts for children up to 5 percent. If the baby does not need an extra seat, he can drive with his parent absolutely free of charge.

We leave for a taxi

Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk are two popularcities among tourists coming to the country, and local residents. Many decide to travel from city to city by taxi. It's not difficult - at the exit from the railway station drivers often stand and offer their services to all who need it. But still recommend to contact the official organization, so the price for the route will be significantly lower.

By the way, in this country benevolentpeople who, moreover, excellently know the Russian language. So, you can get on the track, catch a passing car and ask the driver to give you a lift to the designated place.

By bus

Every day follows the direction of Kharkov -Dnepropetrovsk bus. A total of 12 flights per day: the first at 8:40, and the last at 23:15. Usually the roads in this direction are empty, there are almost no traffic jams on them. There are only a few stops during the trip. Accordingly, this vehicle overcomes the distance fairly quickly - for 5 hours.

Tickets can be purchased at the Centralthe bus station of the city of Kharkov, located at the metro station "Gagarina". It is from here that the bus departs. He arrives at the Central Station of Dnepropetrovsk, at the metro station Vokzalnaya.

This is very convenient, since a person arrives at once in the very center of the city and can safely reach any designated point.

Train Dnepropetrovsk Kharkov

Approximate ticket price per passenger is 141.52 UAH, this is 330 Russian rubles, 28 kopecks.

We fly by plane

The fastest way to overcome the distance Kharkov - Dnepropetrovsk - by plane.

The air distance between these two pointsmuch less - only 196 kilometers. The total travel time is less than one hour. Unfortunately, there is no direct flight, so one short-term transplant will have to be made in Kiev.

It is worth noting that this service is very expensive, according tocompared with other vehicles - the price of one ticket is approximately 8,014 hryvnia, this will be about 18,705 rubles. Therefore, we recommend buying tickets in advance, approximately one month before the departure date, so they will cost several times cheaper.

Kharkov Dnepropetrovsk distance

For regular customers of the airline there is a system of accumulative bonuses that can later be very profitable to use.

Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk are two excellentcities that have a vivid architecture, cultural and historical values. If a person travels through a legendary country that is once a part of the Soviet Union, then he, undoubtedly, must visit two of these remarkable objects. On what can you overcome this distance? Fortunately, there are several optimal options.

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