It is impossible to know absolutely everything in the world, but herestrive for this need. The best way to gain new experience and knowledge is to travel. But, so that each trip brings only positive emotions and does not become ruinous for the family budget, it is necessary to choose the right air carriers. Recently, a new Iranian airline, Mahan Air, has appeared on the Russian market, the reports about which are of some interest from potential passengers. Therefore, it is worth talking about this aviaperator in detail.

Mahan Air reviews

Introduction to Mahan Air

Reviews and flights of the Iranian air carrierbecame available to Russians not so long ago, that is why many tourists have doubts about the quality of the services provided and the safety of flights by the aircraft of this company. In fact, if you decide to make a trip with Mahan Air, reviews about even one flight you will be enthusiastic.

The Iranian company belongs to the youngestmarket of air carriers. Mahan Air was formed at the end of the last century and specialized in domestic flights from Tehran. The name was given to a cameraman by a small Iranian town, and the basic airport was Imam Khomeini Airport.

Fifteen years ago, Mahan Air received admission to international flights and began to gradually conquer the market, confidently pushing out its competitors.

Mahan Air Aircraft Park

Iranian airline and reviews leftpassengers deserve special attention because of the aircraft fleet that Mahan Air owns. The matter is that from the moment of formation the company had only a few aircraft of the Tupolev brand. They were quite enough for flights inside Iran, but over time the number of flights increased, and Mahan Air needed new planes.

Mahan Air flights

On international lines are now working in themainly "Airbuses" and "Boeing", the total number of airliners is approaching fifty. Unfortunately, almost all the planes that are available from Mahan Air are far from new. The average age of the aircraft varies between seven and ten years. This is due to a certain tension between Iran and the United States. The latter imposed sanctions against Tehran, according to which the country can not acquire new planes. All airlines have the right to purchase aircraft that have been in use for at least seven years.

This fact quite often works against MahanAir. The responses of passengers flying by an Iranian air carrier always contain information about the age of the aircraft. Although all customers note the good condition of the aircraft and the high safety organization on board.

Geography of flights of Mahan Air and airline features

At the moment, Mahan Air has more than fiftyroutes to different countries of the world. Several routes are carried out by this air carrier and from Russia, and they very quickly turned into in-demand. The direction of Mahan Air Moscow - Bangkok became especially popular. Reviews about these flights from Russian tourists were just enthusiastic. Passengers like everything from a very democratic price to a very high level of service. Despite the fact that the airline has two traditional classes of service, the service on board has always been the pride of Mahan Air.

Mahan Air Moscow Bangkok reviews

The pluses of the Iranian air carrier can be attributednot only the cheapness of tickets, but also the possibility of online registration and convenient bonus programs. Accumulation of miles occurs quickly, and the scheme of payment for air tickets is very beneficial for passengers. Many tourists are impressed by the flexible baggage allowance. After all, it is known that many people return from vacation with a large number of bags. This airline allows you to transport more than thirty kilograms per person, and in one family, the weight of the baggage can be summed up.

How do the passengers of the Iranian air carrier react

Reviews about Mahan Air can be foundon the official website of the Iranian air operator. Among the numerous comments, there are already many reviews from Russian tourists. Most often they celebrate a high class of pilots and extremely alert personnel on board. In addition, all the passengers enthusiastically respond about nutrition during the flight. Of course, according to Iranian traditions, the menu does not include pork, but all other dishes for the better differ from the usual onboard food.

Mahan Air reviews and flights

If you are in doubt, is it worth buyingcheap flights from Mahan Air, reviews of passengers should help you make your choice. After all, each airline has its fans and opponents, and on the left comments it is always possible to draw the right conclusion. Therefore, read the reviews and go on a trip with only experienced air operators.

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