Hurghada - a picturesque corner of Egypt, whichIt is famous for its warm climate, gentle sea waves and clean long beaches. It is thanks to this every year thousands of tourists from all over the world come to this city. Naturally, there are a lot of hotels for every taste. One of them is the hotel Nubia Aqua Beach Resort 5 *. So how close is the complex to the sea? What kind of living conditions should be expected? Are there conditions for children's recreation? What kind of reviews leave travelers who have already visited this place?

Description of the location

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Great hotel Nubia Aqua Beach Resort 5 *is located very close to the crystal clear waters of the white sea, in a picturesque lagoon, which is famous for the whole world with its white sandy beaches. The distance to the center of Hurghada with all its sights and entertainment facilities is 11 kilometers. The international airport is located 17 km from the hotel complex. By the way, tourists are provided with a transfer from the airport, and it will not take long.

Infrastructure and territory of the complex

It should immediately be noted that the hotel Nubia AquaBeach Resort Hurghada 5 * occupies a rather large territory, the area of ​​which is 63 500 square meters. In the center there is a two-storey main building, which is reserved for reception, restaurant and office space. Further in even rows there are thirty small three-story buildings, in which, in fact, there are rooms for guests.

Nubia Aqua Beach Resort 5 was opened in 2013year, so you can safely rely on a cozy environment and all modern conveniences. The hotel area is generously decorated with greenery - there is even a picturesque garden, where you can always find a quiet corner in order to be alone with yourself.

Hotel description Nubia Aqua Beach Resort 5 (Hurghada)

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Hurghada is a wonderful city to be famous fornot only picturesque nature and interesting historical sights, but also luxury hotels. One of them is the Nubia Aqua Beach Resort. The hotel can offer 456 rooms equipped with modern appliances and furnished with new furniture.

For the most part these are standard double roomsrooms with one large or two separate beds. In addition, there are more spacious apartments, the area of ​​which is much larger - in addition to the bedroom, there is a cozy living area with a dining table. And for companies or families, spacious quadruple rooms are suitable, consisting of two separate bedrooms and a living area. By the way, each room is accompanied by a spacious balcony with furniture for rest - depending on the location of the room, this offers a view of the sea, the neighborhood or the inner courtyard of the hotel. And thanks to the modern soundproofing system, your rest and sleep will not be disturbed.

Naturally, each room is equipped with modernequipment, without which it is difficult to imagine the comfort of a modern traveler. In particular, there is an individual air-conditioning, and in winter time the heating system works. There is also a large flat-screen TV with over 64 satellite channels. There is also a radio and telephone. Internet access is available, but it is paid separately. For a small fee you can use the safe, which guarantees the safety of personal belongings. Mini-bar is also available - every day, during cleaning it is filled with drinking water, but all other drinks are not included in the price.

In the spacious bathroom, equippedmodern plumbing, you can take a relaxing bath or shower. There is also a toilet, a wall mirror, a sink, the necessary number of towels, a stationary hairdryer and a set of hygiene products.

Power plan for tourists

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Certainly, for many tourists interestingis the question of what food the hotel Nubia Aqua Beach Resort 5 * (Hurghada) offers guests. Hurghada, as you know, is a city that is famous for its hospitality and generosity. Therefore, almost all the hotels on its territory operate under the "all inclusive" scheme. In the main hotel restaurant for guests are buffet tables. There is even a service of early breakfasts (from 5.30 am) and late dinners (until midnight).

In addition, the hotel hasseveral restaurants "a la carte", in particular, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Lebanese. Tourists are entitled to a one-time free visit to each of them, but only on condition of prior reservation. At noon, the local cafe serves homemade ice cream. There are also several bars where guests can order chilled drinks, alcohol, cocktails, tea, coffee and delicious desserts. In the evening there is a disco bar.

Beach and water recreation on site

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It's no secret that the warm sea andpicturesque beaches - this is just what tourists come to Egypt for. Nubia Aqua Beach Resort 5 * owns its own stretch of coastline, 500 meters long, which can be reached in a few minutes walk. Here, for tourists, a two-level beach with a total area of ​​15,000 square meters is built. A large number of sun loungers with umbrellas are arranged on the beach. By the way, mattresses and towels are also available free of charge.

There is a pier with a length of 150 meters, andcleared entrance to the sea from the shore, which will please parents and children. There is a beach volleyball court. Also, a sports center is constantly operating, where tourists can rent everything necessary for windsurfing and diving. You will also have the opportunity to ride a banana, a boat, water skiing, sailing.

Description of the condition for children's recreation

As many parents take with them totravel of children, it is interesting for them is the question of what conditions the hotel Nubia Aqua Beach Resort 5 * can offer. Traveler's testimonies indicate that children of different ages feel quite comfortable on the territory of the hotel and can always find an interesting lesson.

For example, there is a small openpool. And in winter time for children there is a separate section in the heated pool for adults. It's good to spend time on the playground. Mini-club, where educators and animators are constantly engaged with children aged 4 to 12 years, works every day. In the evenings, they arrange real discos for children. For a fee, your child will be able to ride an electric car or brighten up leisure for video games.

Additional service for guests

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Hotel Nubia Aqua Beach Resort 5 * offersits guests some paid and free services. In particular, there is a laundry service, which guests can use for a fee. There is also a spacious transport parking (nearby, by the way, without problems you can rent a bicycle, a motorcycle or a car).

The hotel also provides a doctor in caseproblems with health. The pharmacy works here around the clock. On its territory is a large supermarket where you can buy food and household items, as well as several shops that offer different goods, from souvenirs to jewelry and clothing. There is also a photo studio, where you can order a photo session from an experienced photographer.

Leisure and activities on site

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Is there anything to do in the hotelcomplex Nubia Aqua Beach Resort 5 *? The testimonies indicate that nobody will be bored here. First of all, it should be said that there are four swimming pools of different sizes, including one with a heating system. There are small water slides.

Also on the territory of the hotel there are severalsports grounds, a huge chessboard with giant figures, a room for billiards, tables for tennis, a large selection of video games. In the fitness center there is a gym, massage rooms, as well as a jacuzzi, a Turkish bath and a sauna.

Naturally, the hotel has a team of animators,who do their job well. In the daytime, various contests, competitions, sports classes are held. And in the evenings for the guests in the amphitheater organize exciting shows.

On the second floor of the main building of the hotel Nubia AquaBeach Resort 5 * operates a travel agency. Its staff will tell you about the most interesting sights of the surrounding area, help you to choose a sightseeing tour and organize a trip to the most famous corners of the country.

Hotel Nubia Aqua Beach Resort 5 * (Hurghada, Egypt): reviews of travelers

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Many people going on a trip,are interested in the opinion of tourists who have already visited this or that place. For the most part, guests leave positive feedback. The hotel is really new, accordingly, the furniture and appliances are in good repair. Meals are quite varied, in particular tourists note delicious pastries and bread. Restaurants "a la carte" is also worth a visit. The beach is really clean, there is a booth of rescuers on the shore.

As for the staff,the guys are mostly nice and friendly, many are quite normal fluent in Russian. The plus is that the hotel offers a huge number of excursions at relatively low prices. Special thanks to tourists leave the team of animators, who really create a good mood among the guests.

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