The registration procedure for an airplane may takea lot of time. Each air carrier warns customers in advance that it needs to be done in a timely manner, within the time limits established for this purpose.

When does it start and how long does it take to register for domestic flights of Russian airlines? When does the passenger need to arrive at the airport to catch the plane on time?

for how long does the registration for domestic flights end?

Check-in time for domestic flights

To get on board the aircraft by the time of departure,First of all, it is necessary to know how much the registration for domestic flights of the company carrying out air transportation ends. Most often, according to the rules of most airlines, it starts two hours before the time of departure. However, the start time can be established by the rules of a specific airport.

Registration of passengers and baggage for internalflights end 30-40 minutes before departure. It should be remembered that each airline can set its own time. Therefore, for how much registration for the flight at the airport ends, it is better to check with the air carrier in advance, when buying a ticket.

en route registration

How long does it take to arrive at the airport in order not to be late for registration?

If the passenger has not registered for the flight totime, the airline has the right to dispose of its place on the plane at its discretion. In this regard, even a five-minute delay may have unpleasant consequences for a delayed traveler. How to determine how much time it is better to come to the airport, so as not to be late by the time of check-in for a flight?

Often the airline staff adviseits passengers have at least one or two hours left before the end of the registration procedure. Especially if the passenger flies for the first time or he does not know the airport. By this time, one should take into account duty-free attending or additional packing of the available baggage before registering for the flight. Passage of registration can take more time, for example, because of the long queue near the counter. In large airports, it is useful to know in advance how long it will take from the entrance to the rack and the search for the desired terminal.

Online registration

Today, a passenger can not onlyInternet tickets for any flight, but also go online. The procedure is quite simple: the passenger registers on the flight and registers, if necessary, luggage, by entering information in a special form on the airline's website. After that, a boarding pass will be sent to the mobile phone, which will be printed directly at the airport, using a special device in front of the control line.

how much does the check-in for the flight at the airport end?

When does it start and for how long does it end?registration for domestic flights over the Internet? You can register for the flight online within 24 hours or 23 hours before departure. This procedure ends in most airlines, when the departure is 1 hour. For some air carriers, for example, Aeroflot, the time for stopping online registration has been extended to 45 minutes.

Is there a chance to get on the plane after the time of registration?

Of course, to come to the airport, having in stockenough time is the best way to fly without unnecessary nerves. But even knowing how much registration for domestic flights ends, it is impossible to foresee everything. If the passenger is still late for registration, is he able to get on his flight? Of course, if the plane has already left the airport, you can not get on it. But in the case when registration is no longer being conducted, but the plane did not take off, the passenger has a small chance to get on board.

how much longer it is better to arrive at the airport

If the registration is completed before the time of departurethere are less than 40, but more than 25 minutes, you can use a special rack, which is called the "Reception of late passengers" respectively. For all but the holders of tickets to the business class, the registration procedure in this case will be paid.

Racks, where latecomers can register,are available at most airports. If they are not available, the passenger can contact the representative of the airline that is carrying out his flight. As a rule, these employees are located near the check-in counter before the aircraft departure. If there is enough time before departure, an airline representative can also board an late passenger.

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