Since ancient times, Arabs, Asians and Europeansattracted by a rich and beautiful Greece. Rhodes Island for many centuries remained in the center of attention, took an active part in many historical events. This situation is explained by a favorable location, a favorable climate. The island occupied a favorable strategic position for many empires. Settlements in Rhodes appeared very early, they turned into a port even before the arrival of the Phoenicians. In 408 BC. e. Lindos became the capital of the island and stayed on par with Damascus and Athens.

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Very often from different anglesattacks Greece. The island of Rhodes was in the hands of the Macedonians, Athenians, Persians, Spartans, Genoese, Ottomans, Italians. Only in the twentieth century it was possible to return back under the wing of Greece and develop in the tourist direction. The island attracts visitors with beautiful landscapes, a huge number of castles and medieval buildings, an opportunity to windsurf, developed infrastructure. Knowingly a large part of its territory is included in the UNESCO List.

For tourists to the east and west coastshares the island of Rhodes (Greece). The map of the locality will not let you get lost and visit all worthy places. On the east coast you can stay in Falirakione - a modern youth resort, where there is a huge number of discos, bars, water parks and amusement parks. Here is one of the best beaches on the island, there is a place for nudists. Visiting Cape Cambique, each traveler will discover excellent panoramas that can be seen from the top of the rocky coastline. Here in the mountains is Tsamya Monastery, in which women come who want to have a baby.

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Many not only natural, but also architecturalfamous sights Greece. Rhodes Island is proud of its ancient capital - the city of Lindos, which is a real decoration of the east coast. It is located on a barren peninsula, but boasts a large number of architectural and historical monuments. The west coast of the island is covered with forest, it is more wet, so there is fertile land, but the beaches are not so much.

It should be noted that not onlyfor beach, but also for outdoor activities is suitable for Greece. The island of Rhodes, especially its western territory, is suitable for windsurfing, for this there is everything: rocky coasts, constant winds. Lovers of antiquity will be interested to visit the excavations of Kameiros, a knight's castle on the island of Castro-Cretinas and an ancient building in the village of Monolithos. A huge interest in tourists is the village of Sipra - the center of local honey and winemaking.

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It is best to rent a car toleisurely to see all the sights of the island of Rhodes. Greece has existed for more than one millennium, during which time she managed to collect a rich cultural, historical and archaeological heritage, so there is something to see here. There are numerous night clubs, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, water parks, and casinos in Rhodes. Bored on the island there will be no one.

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