Philippines ... Reviews of tourists say that this isa great place for all travelers and to visit this country must necessarily. Why? There are many reasons. But among the main ones I would like to highlight a wonderful cuisine, exotic nature, beautiful resorts, amazing ultramodern cities with skyscrapers and a good climate.

Section 1. The Philippines. Reviews of tourists. General information

Philippines traveler reviews
Every year many tourists come here, althoughvacation here is considered relatively expensive. Couples, eco-tourists, divers - everyone here finds a lot of interesting things. You can spend time on several islands - this possibility is given by combined tours.

The capital is called Manila (Philippines). The reviews unanimously agree that this is a huge conglomerate of 18 cities. In the central - Metro Manila - you can dine in a beautiful restaurant located on a street, the decoration of which resembles an ancient Spain. It is recommended to take a stroll along the waterfront and relax in one of the establishments, where you should definitely order a delicious national dish. Local restaurants also offer oriental and western dishes. Seafood is prepared taking into account the taste of each individual tourist!

One of the main resorts of the Philippines is Boracay. It is necessary to come here to those who are interested in the night "party" life. In the afternoon you can visit the beautiful beach. And the choice of souvenirs here is simply amazing.

Section 2. Philippines. Reviews of tourists. Features of the holiday

reviews of tourists about Philippines
In the Philippines, the hot tropical climate and highhumidity. In May, the rainy season begins, which is very long and ends only in November. For the period from December to April in the Philippines, a relatively dry season is set. The peculiarity of the climate of the resorts located in the center of the archipelago is the absence of the rainy season. When planning a trip to this country, it should be noted that climatic conditions change throughout the year. In this regard, we can distinguish three seasons: from March to May - warm, from June to November - rainy, from December to February - cold.

Reviews of tourists about Philippines testify aboutThe fact that an excellent communication is established between the islands, both on ferries and on airplanes. In cities it is convenient to travel by bus, taxi and by rail. Jeepney is a shuttle taxi, which in the past was a military jeep. This is a very popular mode of transport. The exotic option is three-wheeled trishaws. There are also motorcycles equipped with passenger carriages.

Earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions -it is dangerous. However, do not abandon the trip to this exotic country because of the likelihood of natural disasters - all the same, the destructive phenomena of nature do not happen so often. Usually you have to wait for the message to be resumed because of the cancellation of flights. Otherwise, this country is safe for tourists.

Section 3. Philippines. Reviews of tourists. sights

Manila Philippines reviews
Diving in the Philippines is wonderful! The tropical sea, coral reefs, invertebrate animals, sponges, various fish - all this appears before hobbyists snorkeling tourists.

Fearless surfers find excellent conditions for their fascinating occupation on the beaches of this country. On the island of Shirago passes in September and October the world championship on surfing.

There are so many entertainment in the Philippines that nobody will be bored! Those who are interested in culture, are waiting for museums, exhibitions, ancient monuments of architecture.

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