Resorts of Crimea enjoy incrediblepopularity with our compatriots as an option for an inexpensive and quality holiday in the summer. What is particularly pleasing, in recent years, this region can offer us not only the sea, the sun and the incredible beauty of nature, but also an abundance of modern entertainment for holidaymakers. Do not know what to do during your holiday in the Crimea? Visit the water park in Yalta "Blue Bay".

What is unique about this water entertainment complex?

The name of the entertainment center was notby chance, it is located in the village of Simeiz, on the coast of the Blue Gulf of the Black Sea at the foot of the Cat Mountain. The water park is unique in that today it is the only one in the whole Crimea that uses sea water. The water entertainment complex has even its own water treatment station. The water intake from the sea is made at a depth of 12 meters 400 meters from the shore. The next stage is filtration. The water park in Yalta is equipped with a modern cleaning system, water passes through mesh mechanical filters, and then is exposed to ultraviolet radiation. The safety of visitors to the complex of attractions is also ensured by the special covering of descents and pools - Alkorplan, minimizing the likelihood of injuries during descents.

Avapark in Yalta

"Blue Bay" - water park in Yalta: photo and description of slides

The water entertainment center is visited first of allin order to ride a variety of attractions. On the territory of the water park there are even hills with a height of seven-story house. The most popular descents are: "Boa", "Kamikaze", Multipista, "Tobotan" and "Virage". In total there are 11 slides on the territory of the complex. The water park in Yalta is an entertaining complex, oriented to family rest. There are no age limits, but every parent should understand that he is personally responsible for his children in such a place. For young visitors of the complex there is a separate shallow pool, in which four attractions are installed.

Aquapark in Yalta Blue Bay reviews

Feedback from those who have already visited the water entertainment center

Is it worth to visit the water park in Yalta? "Blue Bay" is a fairly large modern water recreation center. If you believe the opinion of tourists who have already visited this complex, there are enough rides on its territory and it is not boring to spend a whole day here. In addition to slides and pools in the water park there are recreation areas on land, as well as a cafe and even a water bar. The complex offers a picturesque view. The water park in Yalta "Blue Bay" boasts the use of purified sea water. And this means that during the bathing here and the descents from the attraction each visitor will get the most benefit, and certainly will not smell the bleach. As for the cost of visiting, the prices here are acceptable.

Waterpark in Yalta photo

Aquapark in Yalta "Blue Bay" reviews of touristsreceives only positive. People remember with ecstasy the wonderful time spent on its territory. You should definitely visit it if on holiday you stopped somewhere near the village of Simeiz or plan to visit several cities in the Crimea to get acquainted with local sights.

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