For once in my life visit the famous hero cityEvery inhabitant of our country should have Volgograd. And if you really got here, then do not limit yourself to the sights of the city itself. Excellent recreation centers of Volgograd and Volgograd region welcome both native inhabitants of the former Stalingrad and all its guests. Settled on a holiday in one of such places, tourists will be able to fully appreciate the beauty of the local nature and the majesty of one of the biggest rivers of Russia called the Volga.

Cozy country club

"Neftyanik" - a hostel (Volgograd), locatednear the city-hero. This wonderful place is perfect for resting the natives. Guests of Volgograd, who want to not only explore the city itself, but also admire its surroundings, will also be able to perfectly settle here and relax in comfort.

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Recreation center "Neftyanik", which is also calledcountry club, is a complex of the main residential building and detached wooden houses. There is its own restaurant and bar, a swimming pool, gazebos for gatherings with friends and barbecues, where guests can cook delicious shish kebabs. All this is in a landscaped area among tall pine trees, slender and snow-white birches and centuries-old oak trees.

Go to this place, not far awayfrom Krasnoslobodsk, namely in an urban village called the Second Five-Year Plan, you can at any time of the year, because the complex works all year round. "Neftyanik" is a tourist center (Volgograd) where you can have fun in the New Year and have plenty to sunbathe in the summer. If you want, you can take a stroll and to the majestic Volga River, the path to which from the country club will be only ten minutes.

Contact information about the hostel

If a place to spend a vacation or weekendbecame a recreation center "Neftyanik", then her future guests need to know all the detailed information about the address, the location, how to reach her and on what phone to call the club.

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The exact address of the recreation center is not. Guests need to focus on the village of the Second Five-Year Plan and on signs that will definitely lead you to your destination. From Volgograd, you can come here not only by personal transport, but also by minibus at number 164. It will be necessary to get off at the stop, which will be before the Second Five-Year Plan, and then follow the signs. As a guide, you can also use the "Oak Grove" base, which is located opposite.

In case of any questions, you can always call the "Neftyanik" (camp site, Volgograd). Phone of the administration of the country club is as follows: 8-937-549-4906.

Residential rooms

A small four-story residential building, availableon the territory of the hostel, offers guests 14 comfortable rooms of luxury and family. In each of them, guests are offered slippers and a dressing gown, a set of necessary furniture, consisting of a closet, bedside tables and a soft suite in suites, as well as cosmetic accessories, a split system, a TV, a shower and wireless Internet.

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Family rooms consist of one room withthe possibility of placing a guest on an additional place. Suites, which are provided to their guests by the "Neftyanik" (camp site, Volgograd), are both one-room and two-room. The rooms, consisting of two rooms, have a spacious living room and a cozy bedroom with a double bed. Some rooms in addition to the above have a bidet, an electric kettle, a set of dishes and a dining table with chairs.

Houses for secluded holidays

Houses in which guests can staysuburban club "Neftyanik", there are 15. Some of them stand in pairs on special wooden platforms. Each of them has a double bed, folding armchairs, wardrobe, air conditioning, refrigerator and TV. The bathroom is equipped with a shower cabin, slippers, towels and cosmetic sets are provided.

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Several cottages have verandas and are equipped withkitchen with microwave. Also on the territory there are several well-appointed houses, consisting of a bedroom, a small living room and a bathroom, in which the ceiling and all walls are trimmed with real wood.

Prices for accommodation in "Neftyanike"

Accommodation and rest for people with different levelsprosperity offers a hostel "Neftyanik" (Volgograd). The prices here start at 3,500 rubles per day for a family room in the main building. The suites in the country club are different, so their cost varies. For example, the cheapest one-room suite costs 4100 rubles per day, and the most luxurious two-room suite will cost 10,000. There are also rooms for 5400 and 7000 rubles per day.

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Comfortable detached houses"Neftyanika" will be an excellent choice for those tourists who are looking for recreation centers in Volgograd and Volgograd region at affordable prices. House without a kitchen two-room will cost 3650 rubles. per day. A house, which has its own kitchen, will cost only 200 rubles more.

"Neftyanik" - a tourist center (Volgograd), shares onresidence in which periodically pleases her guests. Sometimes living can be much cheaper. For example, sometimes you can get a discount from Friday to Sunday and pay only one day instead of two. Also, the shares are valid for a long stay in the country club.

Services for guests of the recreation center

Of course, the suburban club "Neftyanik" is a place,where you can find not only a roof over your head and a bed during your vacation. Here there is a whole list of services and services that will turn the rest of each guest into the most pleasant pastime.

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There is a large restaurant complex,designed for 250 people, an open-air bar and a cafe located in a residential building. Thanks to such a variety of places of public catering, vacationers can not worry if they suddenly do not prepare themselves to eat. "Neftyanik" - a tourist center (Volgograd), where no one will remain hungry!

For a holiday on hot days was pleasant andrefreshing, there is a swimming pool on the territory, and there are sun beds around it, perfectly suitable for sunbathing. Young guests of the recreation center will have a great time at the children's playground specially created for them, where you can climb and run.

The guests have even the opportunity to seea favorite or a new movie on the big screen, because there is its own cinema hall. You can relax in the sauna, and amateurs can compete in table tennis or billiards. Those who want to spend time in the fresh air with a company of friends and personally cook a delicious barbecue or other food at the stake can rent a gazebo and a brazier.

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If desired, guests can come to the "Neftyanik"even with your favorite pet. However, in this case they will be able to live only in the house. They will also have to pay 300 to 600 rubles per day for this service.

Unforgettable events on the banks of the Volga

The hostel "Neftyanik" is a wonderful place,where you can not only relax in the bosom of nature, but also arrange an excellent holiday or business event. In the restaurant complex you can organize a gorgeous banquet. Many newlyweds, for example, celebrate their wedding here. If they wish, they can even cover the entire territory from strangers, so none of the strangers will prevent them on this fabulous day.

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The cinema available in the country club, if necessary, turns into a perfectly equipped conference room. In it, any business meeting or presentation will be held at the highest level.

Reviews of the hostel

"Neftyanik" - hostel (Volgograd), reviews aboutwhich for the most part contain exceptionally good impressions of the guests who have visited here. All of them note the abundance of greenery in the territory, good food in the restaurant and dining room and decent rooms with good furniture. Some of our compatriots point out that the recreation center itself is clearly not young, since it already exists 10-15 years ago. At the same time, no one has any complaints about the appearance of the housing stock or its interior decoration.

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However, several tourists were disappointedthe lack of a well-equipped beach on the bank of the Volga. Although the wild go close - only 15-20 minutes. Also people who have visited here would like to see some animation and more entertainment, such as bicycle rental and the like.

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