Moscow is one of the world's megacities. Every day many people come to the capital of Russia. So how many airports in Moscow? The most demanded are three main air terminals: Domodedovo, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo. But there are less popular.


How many airports are in Moscow? A lot of them. Part refers directly to the capital, and others - to the Moscow region. One of the largest airports, even at the European level - Sheremetyevo. It is located only 29.7 km from the center of the capital. The nearest settlements are Lobnya and Khimki.

how many airports in moscow

Sheremetyevo Airport is one of the main in the country and consists of six terminals for passengers:

  • A - for businessmen;
  • B - a very old dismantled terminal, in its place a new one is being built;
  • C - reconstructed, in plans - connecting it with B to create a single complex;
  • D - designed for domestic and international flights;
  • E - carries out flights of companies entering into SkyTearm and all flights in Aeroflot;
  • F - designed for Royal Flight.

The last three terminals in the list are ETK. This is a single complex with the Aeroexpress station. It is very convenient for passengers, as they are able to travel freely on all three terminals. Sheremetyevo Airport is not divided into "1" and "2", as there is an erroneous opinion. This is a single complex, simply uniting two air terminals.


How many Domodedovo airports in Moscow? To date, he is the only one. And only in Domodedovo can simultaneously take off and landing. The airport is located 22 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road and 45 kilometers from Moscow. Domodedovo has two long, parallel runways.

how many airports is domodedovo in moscow

At the airport there is a special registrationsystem - on the islands. There are seven of them in the terminal. Four of them have 22 sections each, three - 20 and 4 more for luggage. Domodedovo is the only passenger terminal.


How many Vnukovo airports in Moscow? It is also one of the largest air terminals, and the oldest of all those currently operating. Vnukovo is located 10 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. The airport is a complex of three air terminals, which received the name "1", "2" and "3".

Vnukovo-1 consists of three terminals: A, B and D. The last two are joined together by a footpath. The first terminal serves international and domestic flights. Terminal B does not work since 2016, and all the flights that were carried out through it were transferred to A. Terminal D is intended only for passenger screening of some Russian regions.

how many airports is the grandchild in Moscow

Vnukovo-2 is used only for flightsPresident, top management of Russia and high-ranking foreign representatives. Through Vnukovo-3, flights of the Moscow government, businessmen and aviation of Roskosmos are accepted and sent.

Other airports in Moscow

Let's take a closer look at how many airportsin Moscow, and their names. In addition to the three main ones listed above, there are less well known. For example, Zhukovsky, located at the airport Ramenskoye. Therefore, the airport received a double name. Zhukovsky-Ramenskoe is located 36 kilometers from the capital of Russia. The airport is used for certain passenger flights, including the flights of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The terminal has one terminal.

How many airports are in Moscow? Another fairly well-known is Bykovo. It is located near the city of Zhukovsky. The airfield does not carry out passenger flights, but it is used to land MVD helicopters.

Ostafievo was built in 1934. It is located near South Butovo. The airfield was intended for the NKVD. In Soviet times it was used by the military. Since 2000, after reconstruction, has become civilian and now accepts passenger flights. The aerodrome has one terminal.

how many airports in Moscow and their names

How many airports are in Moscow? One of them - Chkalovsky, built in 1930. It is located 31 kilometers from Moscow, near the city of Shchelkov. The airfield receives An-124, Tu-154 and IL-62. Chkalovsky is intended for military. At the moment the airport serves a special purpose division.

Mamachkovo is located in the Ramensky district. The airport is 16 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road and 1 kilometer from the village of Verkhnee Myachkovo. The airfield was civil until 2009. Then I got the status of a sportsman. Now it is used as a landing pad for small state aircraft and helicopters. On the territory of Myachkovo there are two flying clubs. In them, the aircraft is serviced and refueled. At the aerodrome, a medical examination of the pilots is also carried out.

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