Not only residents but also guests of the Ukrainian capitallike to visit various attractions, one of which is the Palace of Sports. Kiev can boast of many large-scale constructions. And this building is one of them. To date, this multifaceted complex, which differs not only in appearance, but also in the use of high-tech novelties. This place has survived for several decades and was regularly modified, changed, taking as a result the appearance that can be seen today.

History of creation

In the heart of Kiev at the foot of Cherepanova Mountainthere is a large and unique sports and viewing indoor structure, which is a landmark in Ukraine. The sports complex was built in 1958-1960 by architects AI Zavarov, MI Grechin and engineers S. Chudnovskaya, VI Repiakh. The basis of the construction is a reinforced concrete product. The building was built in four floors, an area of ​​more than two hundred thousand square meters.

palace of sports of Kiev
Palace of Sports (Kiev) opened its doors on December 9in the 1960s. The arena was held competitions, its capacity reached 12 thousand people. But twenty years later the building was reconstructed. Improved lighting and technical equipment, completely transformed the halls, equipped with special latrines for participants and created spaces for small cafes. Also in 2004-2005, the complex was reorganized, in which the number of visual spots was increased.

Beautiful and capacious turned out the Palace of Sports,Kiev invites to its walls all comers. For his long years of work, he repeatedly became a platform for various championships, as well as exhibitions and fairs. About five thousand concerts, fifty tournaments, seminars and conferences, ice shows were held here. Famous world stars and bands performed. In 2005 the music show "Eurovision" was held and in 2009 the children's contest was organized.


In April 2011, a solemnthe opening ceremony of the sports complex after a half-year break. During this time, the arena and changing rooms were repaired there. Also, new seats were installed, painted in the symbolic colors of the national flag, and a modern electronic display that looks like a cube in shape. It is made of four plasma screens that can broadcast any sports and concerts held in the arena. Now the audience is much more comfortable, they get more pleasure visiting the Palace of Sports (Kiev). Photos of the hall, which you can see below, only slightly reflect all the splendor.

The scene of the arena deserves special attention,which is a masterpiece. It is unique in its rectangular shape. This allows guests to see everything happening from anywhere in the rostrum. Behind the scenes is the central hall, in which there is a lot of room for rehearsals, as well as an outdoor restaurant for artists. In the locker rooms are installed shower cabins, bathrooms and massage tables, and also there are wardrobes for clothes. Their premises can easily be converted into comfortable make-up rooms, where, if necessary, you can install mirrors and special furniture.

Palace of Sports Kiev address

Welcome zone & Hospitality

When there are no concerts and competitions, throughoutThe foyer area, located on two floors, hosts various exhibitions and exhibitions. The first floor of the Welcome zone is the main gate with eleven aisles. In addition, there are separate four entrances for VIPs. There are also dressing rooms that can serve up to ten thousand people. Guests, going inside, go through a new electronic ticket control system. For organizers it is very convenient to count the number of visitors. On the second floor of Hospitality there are six entrances to the arena sector and more than fifteen buffets. There are also exhibitions here, as well as on the first. On the territory there are regular presentations, you can install the shooting pavilions.

Museum "Palace of Sports" (Kiev)

After nearly fifty years from the opening daycomplex, there was a museum of history, in which visitors can see more than three hundred exhibits. Each of them is interesting in that it displays a piece of the past.

palace of sports cues
Here you can see various documentation,which outlines the progress of construction. You can plunge on the day when the Palace of Sports, where Kiev is proud, opened its doors for the first time. All this is possible thanks to photos from that memorable event. In addition, various letters and cups are collected here. Employees of the complex for years collected memorabilia, which are now available for familiarization to all comers.

Hall layout and address

Over the years, the complex haswas transformed, including the stage with the auditorium. Modern developments in this area have allowed creating the most comfortable conditions for both visitors and participants of events. Place for competitions, concerts, shows, programs - all this is the Palace of Sports, Kiev. The layout of the hall is designed in such a way that a good view opens from any place. The audience will not miss a single detail of what is happening on stage.

palace of sports of kiev photo hall
Be sure to visit the Palace of Sports (Kiev). The address of the complex is: Sports Square, 1. The building is a bright landmark of the capital, which is better to see with your own eyes.

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