One of the most beautiful and memorable places inSt. Petersburg is the Krestovsky Island. It is located on the Neva, in the northern part of its delta, and, together with the other two, Kamenny and Elagin, is part of the Kirov Islands.

Where is the name?

cross-country island attractions
There are several versions why the name of it -Krestovsky. One of them, perhaps the oldest, is found on Finnish maps. On them the designation of the present territory was called "Risti-saari", which is translated into Russian as "island-cross".

When was it founded?

The park was laid right after the end of the GreatThe Patriotic War in 1945 in honor of the victory over the Nazis. It was named Seaside Victory Park. Here is the famous stadium. Kirov, which was built in 1932. And in a decade, during the blockade, a legendary football match took place between the team of the Metallurgical Plant of Leningrad and the famous Dynamo.

Amusement park

attractions on the island of Krestovsky
In 2003, in the territory of the Seaside ParkVictory was opened "Divo-Ostrov", which is considered to be the largest amusement park in St. Petersburg. If you visit Krestovsky Island, attractions will appear in your diversity: 50 in summer and 35 in winter. The park is open every day of the year.

In summer you can not only enjoyfrom interesting attractions on the ground, but also become a "combat robot" on the water or a participant in the "water safari". In winter Krestovsky Island is no less interesting. Amusement park amusements work in a less saturated mode than in the summer, but slides and ice rinks are added to them.

Here you can always have a snack in one of the five original cafes. Or just stroll around the park, admire the swans on a small pond.


Krestovsky Island amusement park
At what age can you visit KrestovskyIsland? Attractions here are for every taste and age, if they interest you, of course. For extremals more than 10 species: free fall (Russian roller coaster), winged swings (catapult) and others. By the way, you can try your hand at the concert of beginning singers and singers. What is not the reason to surprise your beloved girl and perform a popular song for her?

In quiet mode

There are more quiet rides on the Krestovskyisland: a Ferris wheel, a "tea pair". Those who respect motor racing and is a fan of the "Formula I" can temporarily turn into Schumacher and drive on a speed car.


The smallest visitors also likeKrestovsky Island. Attractions here are provided for them: carousels, children's carting, "cheerful train". In addition, the park is original and fun decorated: you can walk with the baby and look at the disney characters and fairy-tale heroes standing on the lawns, touch them and take a picture. There are programs that conduct bright clowns in an interactive mode, that is, they play together with the kids, and the winners are waited by a delicious surprise.

How to get there?

If you have not been here yet, be sure to visitKrestovsky Island. The amusement park is always waiting for its visitors. According to the guests of the city and the residents themselves, this is the best entertainment park of St. Petersburg, Russian Disneyland. To reach it is very easy: by metro to the station "Krestovsky Island". When you exit the metro, cross the street on the street. Kemskaya. You will not pass by, photographers with monkeys on your shoulder will meet you.

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