Those who like to travel, for sure,will like the city of Orenburg, because in it you can find classes for every taste: the city has many monuments and museums, there are theaters and the famous embankment. Well, the masters are ready to please you with the best downy Orenburg shawls - the main highlight of this city.

How many km from Moscow to Orenburg

The easiest way to go to Orenburg from Moscow, namelyso we will consider such a variant of travel. Note that the same methods can be accessed in the opposite direction. You can move from one city to another by train or plane, as well as by car or bus.

How many km from Moscow to Orenburg

To travel, you need to know the distancebetween cities. Those who are going to travel in the near future, most worried about how many miles from Moscow to Orenburg. In fact, it all depends on how you plan to move. So, the direct distance is 1227 km, and by car on the roads it is necessary to overcome 1454 km.

A train

To go by rail is the mosta traditional option, although on the way then it will take about 18 hours. Despite the fact how many km from Moscow to Orenburg, you can choose from options from reserved seats to luxury. Depending on the class, the price will also change. So, the reserved seat will cost from 2300 rubles, the coupe will cost 4-7 thousand rubles, and the ticket price of the "Lux" class can reach 12,300 rubles.

By the way, you can not worry about the quality of the cars, because the reviews about them are exceptionally good.

A car

If you like to travel by car, thenprobably wondered about how many miles from Moscow to Orenburg by car. The answer is simple - 1454 km. To some it seems a lot, but those who are accustomed to traveling can easily cover all this distance within one day. The road will pass mainly along the highway M5, which is well known to the inhabitants of the middle lane.

Of the major cities on the road from Moscow to Orenburg will be Togliatti and Samara, in which, if desired and the opportunity can also stop.

The approximate price for gasoline for the car is 3000 rubles.

How many km from Moscow to Orenburg by car


Despite the fact how many km from Moscow toOrenburg, the plane will quickly take you from one point to another. So, the flight itself will take just under 2 hours, but do not forget that it's necessary to add time to passing control.

Aircraft between cities do not fly regularly, onlyfew times a week. However, their price is pleasantly surprising, because they will cost about like a ticket for a train. So, the cost starts from 4500 rubles, moreover, flights are made both by domestic and foreign airlines.

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