Tourists planning a holiday in the Crimeanpeninsula, often find it difficult to choose which of the resorts to give preference to. If the goal is a quiet and relaxed holiday in silence, then you should pay attention to the village of Maly Mayak (Crimea, Big Alushta).

How to get there?

Maly Mayak (Crimea) is located on the southern coast of the peninsula, 10 kilometers from Alushta. An appreciable guide can serve as a cone-shaped mountain Ai-Todor, at the base of which the settlement is located.

The Little Lighthouse can be reached bypublic transport or taxi, following one of the most picturesque trails of the Simferopol - Yalta region. Since the village is removed from the highway, the exit point will be the eponymous stop, which is directly on the road. Leaving the transport, you need to walk on the road to the sea for about 20-30 minutes.

From the history of the village

The present small town of Small Lighthouse(Crimea) was once a major port city of the peninsula and until 1945 was called Biyuk-Lambat. Today it has lost its importance, the number of its inhabitants is just over 2000 people.

the village of Maly Mayak (Crimea)

As a resort town began to develop at the end of 19century, as the aristocratic layers of the population of the Russian Empire showed interest in this area. Here began the massive construction of villas and villas, which led to the restoration of existing roads and the construction of new ones, the erection of parks and gardens.

Climatic features

Small Lighthouse (Crimea) is located in an ecologicallyclean zone, in unique natural and climatic conditions. Summer days are dry and cloudless, without dust. Rains happen, but after them everything quickly dries up.

Average air temperature in the middle of summeris about 24 degrees without sudden changes. The swimming season opens at the end of spring and lasts until the middle of autumn. In these months, the average temperature of the sea does not fall below the mark of 20 degrees.

Infrastructure of the village

On the territory of the village the entire resortInfrastructure, which allows for a very decent rest. Small Lighthouse (Crimea) offers tourists accommodation in hotels, hotels or cozy private homes, varied food in cafes and restaurants, entertainment facilities, car parks, shops, pharmacies and the fruit and vegetable market. From here you can go as a part of the excursion group to anywhere in the Crimea and buy souvenirs for memory in numerous benches of the village.

Small Lighthouse (Crimea) reviews

Housing and food

The Small Lighthouse Resort (Crimea) is known for its specialmicroclimate, favorably affecting the nervous and respiratory systems of man. Hotels, boarding houses and health-improving establishments of the village offer various accommodation options: from modest economy class rooms to suites. But to reserve a simple home without much trouble here is much easier than to remove the elite. Traditionally in the Crimea, its services are offered to tourists by a frequent sector. Find a free room or apartment for vacationers will not make any problems.

There are a small number of restaurants in the Maly Mayakand cafes, most of which are located at hotels or boarding houses. All establishments are characterized by a cozy interior and a wide choice of dishes and wines that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. There is also a service for delivering food to the room.

Beach and sea

The tourists will be surprised by the picturesque surroundings and the calm, clean sea near the village of Maly Mayak (Crimea), reviews of their unusual beauty leave many tourists who are resting on the peninsula.

Small Lighthouse (Crimea)

The beaches are mostly covered with small pebbles, but there areand on concrete platforms. They are equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. Water entertainments are few and are represented by a standard set: water motorcycles, bananas, scuba diving. The most comfortable beaches are at the hotels.

For fans of a little rest there is a nearby wild beach with a natural stone beach. Here, you can enjoy solitude in silence for a long time.

Entertainment, excursions and attractions

To diversify the beach vacation will help visitlocal attractions. Great interest among holidaymakers is caused by natural monuments around the village of Maly Mayak (Crimea), photographs of which are found in numerous tourist booklets:

  • Cape Plaka with its special scenery;
  • the famous Bird Rocks;
  • Mount Ayu-Dag, which was composed of many legends;
  • Kuchuk-Lambat stone chaos.

Small Lighthouse (Crimea) photo

Rest in the village can be saturated with an inspection of not only landscape monuments, but also historical and architectural:

  • An ancient Gagariny mansion in the Art Nouveau style, surrounded by a magnificent park with sprawling trees and numerous romantic paths.
  • The palace and park ensemble "Karasan" inThe Moorish style, once owned by General Raevsky. On its territory you can also get acquainted with rare and amazing representatives of the plant world.
  • The ancient park "Garabagh", preserved from the estate of the famous scientist-geographer PI Keppen.
  • The spring-fountain Ak-Chokrak, which does not run out in summer, has a small pool.

holiday Small Lighthouse (Crimea)

Favorable location of the village Maly Mayak(Crimea) allows holidaymakers on their own or as part of the tour group to make tireless trips throughout the southern coast of the peninsula, visit such popular resorts as Yalta, Massandra, Alushta, Gurzuf.

In a word, rest in Maly Mayak is idealwill suit tourists who want peace and quiet, have a small budget for the trip, but do not want to deprive themselves of the opportunity to visit the famous sights and resorts of the Southern coast of Crimea.

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