In the social networks of the Internet in the pastFor several years, the great Ukrainian author Irina Samarina received enormous popularity and support of a large number of readers. The labyrinth is her author's group on the Internet, where she explains with the available words the profound and at the same time simple things that excite us today in our everyday issues. And it's not for nothing that many fans of her talent are interested in the topic: "Irina Samarina-Labyrinth, biography."

This talented poetess in the hardest for Ukrainetime speaks openly about what the Ukrainian media are trying to keep silent about. How did Irina Samarina create a labyrinth of her creative life? We shall plunge a little in a history of a life of this bright, beautiful and light person.

irina samarina labyrinth biography

Irina Samarina-Labyrinth. Biography

She was born in Poltava in 1981 on April 15, where she still lives. She has Russian roots, although her parents are indigenous Poltava citizens. Today's events in Ukraine have not left her indifferent.

She states that, like many, she was born inTHE USSR. And amnesia like many people, to scream the slogans about Bandera, it does not have, because Grandfather - the invalid of the Great Patriotic War is still alive - who went to the front at the age of 15 and released Poltava and Minsk, for which he was awarded the medal "For Valor!" And many other military awards. And when she hears pseudo-patriots shouting: "Suitcase, station, Russia!", Samarina is outraged that, perhaps, just like her, they have every right to live on land for which their ancestors shed blood. She is ashamed of people who shout: "Glory to Ukraine!". And those who shout so, like her grandfather, she will consider traitors. But only - to count, not to wish them to die, not to threaten on the Internet and not to expel to another country, this is their treacherous method.

By the way, there are opinions of Poltava citizens, who are not indifferent tothe destiny of the state that Irina's poems bear a clearly anti-state character. Activists of "Poltava Battalion of Non-By-the-Boys" applied to the UAS of the Poltava region to pay attention to the activities of "the so-called poetess Samarina." So everything is not easy on Ukrainian soil today.

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New in the art of Irina Samarina-Labyrinth

From the very childhood Irina composed poems in Russianlanguage. It so happened that she never learned to do it properly and professionally. In her opinion, they are dictated by the soul, not by the head. Only in this way can real and sincere poems be born that are very difficult and almost impossible to sit and invent, they can only be felt and recorded.

Poetess Irina Samarina-Labirint with herthe author's group first filled out the personal site with subtle, feminine and very lyrical poems that immediately flocked to the pages of users of social networks, copied on forums or used in statuses. But after the Kiev Maidan, which led to a coup d'état, she changed course towards civil poetry, which permeates through and hardly leaves anyone indifferent.

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Awards and membership in creative unions

Young and full of ideas Irina Samarina-Labirint. Biography of the poetess is just beginning. Despite her youth, she is a member of the Writers' Union of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Writers' Association and the International Writers' Association (Moscow). Winner of literary awards. K. Simonov (Russia, Moscow), him. A. Fadeeva (Russia, Moscow), including the "Branch of the Golden Chestnut" prize (Ukraine, Kiev).

If a person often uses the Internet, he should be familiar with her radiant creativity.

Irina Samarina is a Chevalier of the Order of the Commonwealth (Russia, St. Petersburg) of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the State for the book Children of War.

new in the art of Irina Samarina labyrinth

Weapons of Words

While in Ukraine the Russophobes are mad, such lines come to mind: "Forgive us, native Russians ...", which Nikita Mikhalkov read in his program "Besogon TV".

When the St. George ribbons are torn from the veterans (and some even paid for this symbol in our hard time even by life), she writes: "But for me the Victory Day is more important, and I believe that there are quite a few like me ...".

The writer is not afraid of radical fightersbanned in Russia group "Right Sector", which does not stand on ceremony with dissidents. She openly expresses from her Internet resource: "Not glory to Ukraine, no, guys, shame my mad country!". This is Irina Samarina-Labirint. She publishes poetry almost every day, because the poetess has a very high potential.

It is with her words that the action under the name"Save the children of Donbass!". This same poetess also belongs to the poem-monologue of the boy who died in Donbas, "Hello, God, I'm from Ukraine ..." and many other soul-stirring poems. So she tries to reach out to the hearts of her countrymen.

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The One People

In one of the interviews, Irina was asked if she was not afraidshe has the consequences of such a very desperate activity. After all, in her poems there are very dangerous things for publicity. Irina replied that she was not afraid for herself personally, only for her family and friends, whose care she had been entrusted to God with prayers.

Her work "Forgive us, native Russians ..."became the answer to the poem of Nastia - her compatriot "We will never be brothers, not by motherland, nor by mother ...". Samarina considers her response verse the last straw of her tolerance, since her hatred for the Russians has become simply off scale. The words "your blood washed away" were simply cut to the heart of the poetess. She did not understand how one could wish evil to the Russians, even if their president behaved as something wrong. For America and Europe, we are all Russians - whether you are Belarusian, Ukrainian or Russian. These are three brotherly and inseparable people, and while they are together, with them God.


Samarin and her acquaintances, and fellow countrymen,so supporters, as well as opponents, she has a lot. In its environment there are people who hold a completely different point of view, but they will not review and do not stop friendship because of their principled political differences. But there were some with whom she seemed to communicate almost all her life, but then, after the revolution, such anger rose from the bottom of her soul, which simply splattered everyone around her. Of course, Samarin had to part with such people. Or rather, they ran away from her poems. And the opinion of others can not be easily taken by everyone.

In social networks Irina never allowed herself to comeon the page of a friend who supports the Maidan, and write him mucks. However, many did it to her. But the poet all poured out her indignations on her page and did not go beyond this space, which means she did not break someone else's. Because she knows that the word - this is also a weapon, and you should not train them on relatives and friends.

Irina worries that outwardly in Poltava allcalm, but the people are running out of patience, because everyone is already tired of the war. It is a great pity for the guys from Donbass, who are called militiamen, but no less than sorry for the conscripted children, who are now called punishers.

The Kiev government

According to the poetess, God sees everything, and the punitiveUkrainian people, she calls the Kiev government, which pushed the foreheads of the nationalists from Western Ukraine with the inhabitants of Donbass. Earlier there was no such hatred, and the same so-called "natsiki" were loyal to the Russian-speaking southeast. And if it were not for instigation and for the connivance of the government and deputies, then the guys from Ternopil and Lvov would never venture to go to war in the Donbas. And from despair these regions simply had to defend themselves.

Now all her pain pours out through the verses,and this is a very powerful energy, because each of its rhymed creation is comparable to an exhalation, which is not created in painstaking work, but literally breaks from the heart or, it can even be said, falls from the sky.

Poems to her head go by one inspiration, likeas if dictated. She just catches a wave, and in ten minutes she leaves an average poem, and in twenty minutes - a big poem. Samarin confesses that he does not undertake to correct the One who dictates to her from above.

the author of the Samarin's labyrinth

A family

Books by Irina Samarina-Labirint - lace,woven from tens of thousands of lines, and in them it is different. The poet lives in a family where two boys are growing up, there is a husband and grandfather, the same veteran that was written above. She does not like noisy companies and keeps away from strangers. At home she is comfortable, she likes silence and favorite musical compositions. But the silence in her house is rare, the company has a masculine and quite boring.

The husband is her first love, they already live together 18years, 15 of them officially married. The eldest son is 17, and the youngest is 8 years old. They are engaged in football and are far from the creativity of my mother. All of them live in a rented apartment, as they do not have their own housing yet.

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Favorite work

Her work is also her work, she writespoems as congratulations to order. This business she has devoted herself to since 2008 and does not regret it at all. She did almost impossible - she began to feed her family, give people a little bit of joy, and most importantly - to do her favorite work. That's how interesting it is for her to move through life. She has to work mostly at night, when the family goes to bed.

On the Internet you can always get to know hera resource called "Irina Samarina-Labirint, Ukraine" and ask her questions or write letters. But the poet herself does not have time to answer all letters from readers, because she has to prioritize and, of course, the family is in the foreground. This is the whole of Irina Samarina. "Labyrinth" (poetry) reads a huge number of users and visitors, and the group helps to guide mom and girlfriends.

In moments of sadness, she likes to look at the sky, andespecially at night with the moon and stars. Such a sky is soothing and lulling like a cradle, so you can look at it forever. She has experienced such feelings since her earliest childhood. Even my mother told me how little Irina loved to look at the Moon for a long time.

When a writer gets a free clock, shegoes on a visit to his friends, with whom she worked in the same team for 10 years, where she was the chief accountant. Now her team are irreplaceable friends.

In the conclusion of the theme "Irina Samarina-Labirint,biography »it is necessary to note the most important: the poetess wishes all people to become kinder and more attentive to each other. This is what we all lack so much today. In her poems - simple words for ordinary people. And I want her people to write her poems, written in the soul, with an open heart. After all, this is right, and so it should be.

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