Four parts of the novel, four fantastictravel described by Jonathan Swift. "Adventures of Gulliver" is a utopian work, whose author wanted to portray modern England and using satire to ridicule certain human qualities. The protagonist constantly sails from the existing port cities, and gets into exotic countries with his own laws, traditions, way of life. Gulliver during the journeys learns a lot of new things, and also tells the inhabitants of outlandish states about his homeland.

Journey to Lilliput

adventure of the gulliver
From the country of dwarfs adventures beginGulliver. The brief content of the first part of the novel tells us that little people greeted "Man-Mountain" cheerfully. The Lilliputians do everything to ensure that both sides are comfortable, specifically for their guest they accept several laws that regulate his communication with local residents. Dwarfs provide Gulliver accommodation, provide food, which is not so easy, because the guest ration is 1728 servings of Lilliputians.

The traveler cute converses with the emperor,tells him about his homeland. All the main characters of "The Adventures of Gulliver" are amazed at the absurdity prevailing in England, because their political system is built differently. Lilliputians tell the guest about their war with Blefuscu, and he helps them defeat the enemy empire. But among the court suite there are those who are presenting all the good deeds of Gulliver to the emperor on the bad side. They demand the death of an uninvited guest, but, in the end, they decide to just poke out his eyes. Gulliver runs to Blefuscu, where he is greeted with joy, but also want to get rid of the giant as quickly as possible. The hero builds his own boat and sails to his homeland.

The main characters of the adventure of Gulliver

Journey to the Land of the Giants

In the second part of the novel, already in the country where they livegiants, continue the adventures of Gulliver. The summary of the work narrates that here, in comparison with the previous plot, the main character with the local population changes places. Gulliver demonstrates the ability to adapt to any circumstances, even the most fantastic life situations. The hero gets into various scrapes and, eventually, comes to the royal palace, where he becomes the beloved interlocutor of the ruler. Here the writer again compares the laws and traditions of a utopian state with the laws of his country. No matter how good it is at home, but at home it is better, and the hero again goes to his native shores.

Journey to the flying island of Laputu

In the third part of the Swift novel continuethe amazing adventures of Gulliver. The summary tells the reader about the unusual life of the Laputians, who are so fond of being in the news and politics, that because of excessive anxiety and fear living in their minds, they can not sleep peacefully. Here the writer gave many examples of absurdity. Firstly, these are the slambers, whose job is to draw the listeners' attention to the conversation. Secondly, the poverty of the continent, which descends from the flying island of Gulliver, is shown. Thirdly, a visit to the Academy of Projectors, where Swift in all its glory described the scientists, allowing themselves to lead themselves by the nose. Tired of miracles, the hero again goes home.

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Journey to the country of Guiggnm

In the fourth part of the adventure endsGulliver. The summary tells about an amazing state in which noble, highly moral and respectable horses live, and they are served by vile and spiteful ehu who are like people. The protagonist likes this utopian country, and he wants to stay here forever, but the Guingmanns expel Gulliver from his state, because although he is noble, but looks like an echo. The idea of ​​tolerance is alien to even these good beings, and the main character goes home.

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