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Childhood of Leo Tolstoy is hard to call cloudless, but the memories of him, set out in the trilogy, have a touching and sensual character.

A family

His upbringing was mainly carried out by guardians, andnot native mom and dad. Lev Nikolaevich was born in a prosperous noble family, where he became the fourth child. His brothers Nicholas, Sergei and Dmitry were older than a very little. At the birth of the last child, daughter of Mary, the mother of the future writer died. At that time, he was not yet two years old.

The childhood of Leo Tolstoy passed in Yasnaya Polyana,the family estate of the Tolstoys. Shortly after the death of his mother, his father and his children moved to Moscow, but after a while died, and the future writer and his brothers and sister were forced to return to Tula province, where their distant relationship was continued by their upbringing.

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After the death of her father, the Countess joined herOsten-Saken AM But this was not the last one in a series of experiences. In connection with the death of the countess, the whole family moved to the upbringing for a new guardian in Kazan, to the sister of Yushenko's father P.I.


From the first glance it can be concluded thatthe childhood of Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy passed in a difficult, oppressive atmosphere. But this is not entirely true. The fact is that it was precisely his childhood that Count Tolstoy described in his eponymous story.

In a tender, sensual manner, he told about hisfeelings and hardships, thoughts and first love. This was not the first experience in writing stories, but it was Leo Tolstoy's "Childhood" that was published first. This happened in 1852.

The narration is conducted on behalf of the ten-year-old Nikolenka, a boy from a wealthy wealthy family, whose education is handled by a strict mentor - the German Karl Ivanovich.

At the beginning of the narrative, the child introduces readersnot only with the main characters (mom, dad, sister, brothers, servants), but also with their feelings (falling in love, resentment, embarrassment). Describes the way and life of an ordinary noble family and its environment.

Further the author narrates about moving to Moscow, new impressions and acquaintances of the young hero with new people. Describes how the worldview and the worldview of the young nobleman are changing.

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The last chapters of the story tell about the sudden death of Nikolai's mother, his perception of terrible reality and sharp growing up.


In the future, from the pen of the author will come the most famous"War and Peace", "Anna Karenina", a huge number of articles, stories and reflections on the theme of lifestyle, personal attitude to the mundane. "Childhood" by Leo Tolstoy, by the way, not only was his touching memories of the past, but also became the starting product for the creation of a trilogy, which included the "Youth" and "Boyhood".


It is important to note that the first criticism of thesethe work was far from straightforward. On the one hand, enthusiastic reviews of the trilogy, written by Leo Tolstoy, were published. "Childhood" (reviews on it were the first) received the approval of venerable at that time literary figures, but after a while, strangely enough, some of them changed their minds.

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