Not every person in his life will have to write a monograph, but for general development, one should know what it is. In addition, it can be useful to you at one stage of professional activity.

monograph what is it

Monograph - what is it?

In translation from the Greek language "monos" - "one", ""The earl" - "write", that is, "unanaligned" or "written about the one". A scientific monograph is a work written by one or more authors, in which one topic or several summary themes are closely exposed. Such work reveals a certain problem and gives detailed answers to a number of prepared questions. This type of research refers to the genre of scientific prose and is written strictly in the scientific or scientific-journalistic style. A more detailed analysis of one or another topic, the promotion of new theories, hypotheses and concepts - all this provides a monograph. What is it, how to work with it, what it is for, and many other questions that the authors answer on this or that subject. For this type of treatise, extensive bibliographic lists, as well as notes and references to other sources, are characteristic.

Incorrect decoding of the word "monograph"

We already know what it is, but there are still people,who misunderstand the very term adopted for such scientific works. The word "monograph" denotes the unity of the topic, which is revealed, but not that the author wrote this work. It may be that over a hundred people worked on the whole book (a whole scientific team). That is why it is necessary to understand that the part "mono" in this case means one theme, and not one author.

scientific monograph


Outwardly, the monograph can acquire completelyvarious kind. Depending on its subject matter, the layout of the printed sheet can be different. For example, if an essay is devoted to art or literature, the author can afford to use colorful drawings and decorative fonts.

Design Features

There are, however, Statepublishing, which regulate the features of the design of the monograph (GOST 7.60 - 2003, p. According to these standards, it is clearly defined what kind of ready text should take. As for the amount of work, there are no restrictions. A monogram is considered to be a monogram written on more than 120 pages of A4 format with the 14th font of Times New Roman font in one and a half interval.

monograph on psychology

Features of publishing and labor protection

Before publishing their work, the author mustreview it from specialists with a degree. They must be at least two people. With the protection of a scientific degree, a monograph can serve as a thesis. It should be noted that this is rare.

Non-scientific scientific publication - monograph

What is it, we already know, but there is anotherinterpretation. Library science deciphers this term as a designation for any types of non-serial publications, the volume of which is limited to several volumes. For example, a monograph on psychology can be a separate book, and a publication that includes five to six volumes.

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