About three years he created D.I. Fonvizin "The Minor". This story, or rather, a comedy play, is devoted to the problem of educating the nobility of the 18th century, the savagery of their behavior, especially in the provinces. The work presents many layers of society: from teachers-impostors and servants to state husbands.

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D. I. Fonvizin "The Child". Summary of the first action

Ms. Prostakova is unhappy with the caftan thatTrishka sewed for her son Mitrofan. The outfit is being prepared for the betrothal of Skotinin, the hostess's brother, with Sofya. The girl is the niece of Prostakov. She remained an orphan after her uncle Starodum went to Siberia and did not return. Joyful Sofia reports that she received a letter with the news of the imminent arrival of a relative. Nobody believes her, for she prayed for the rest of his soul. Prostakov suspects that this letter is from an officer in love with a girl. Everyone is waiting for the teacher to read the news, since none of the gentlemen can do this. Appears Pravdin, who is visiting the Prostakovs. He confirms that the letter says that Starodum honest work in Siberia made himself a good fortune and now Sofia is his heir. Ms. Prostakova immediately decides to marry the girl to Mitrofanushka. The servant reports that soldiers have stopped in their village.

D. I. Fonvizin "The Child". Summary of the second action

Old friends are talking among themselves: officer Milon and Pravdin. The latter is a member of the vicegerency. He sees in the district many rich ignoramuses who inhumanly abuse the power given them over people. Prostakov belong to just such. Milon tells a friend that he loves and loves one girl, but for six months she has not heard anything about her. After the death of her mother, her relatives took her, which, perhaps, makes her suffer.

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Milo recognizes the entered Sophia. The girl talks about how her aunt changed her attitude. Milon is jealous of Mitrofan, but then realizes that there is no reason for that. Sophia hopes that the arrival of his uncle will save her. Skotinin tells the girl that Prostakov summoned him to marry them. Sophia says that now she is telling her Mitrofan to be married. Skotinin is angry. Teacher Tsyfirkin complains to Milo for the dullness of the underbody.

D. I. Fonvizin "The Child". Summary of the third action

Starodum comes. He tells how he once tried to make friends with a young count. When the war began, Starodum fought, and he sat behind his father. After the war, Starodom was circumvented by ranks and awards, and the count was promoted to rank. He went to Petersburg. But I did not find an application for myself, because I realized that everyone is only concerned about themselves. Without ranks, but with a clean soul, Starodum returned home. He informs Sophia that he has come for her. Prostakov, he says that tomorrow he will take his niece to Moscow and marry. Starodum lead to the room to rest. Teachers are discussing the stupid son of the master. The mother forces him to learn for the species, so that Starodum could hear his diligence.

D. I. Fonvizin "The Child". Summary of the 4th action

Starodum instructs Sophia in what kind of personis truly noble and rich. Count Chestan from Moscow sends him a letter asking him to look at his nephew Milo. Sophia and the officer confess to my uncle that they have long been in love with each other. He blesses the children. Skotinin asks Starodum for Sofia's hand. Простаковы offer to check up knowledge of their son. Pravdin asks him questions. The answers show that Mitrofan has not learned anything in three years. Both he and Skotinin Starodum refused. Prostakova decides to kidnap the girl, so that she can be extradited to Mitrofan forcibly.

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DI Fonvizin. The comedy "The Minor": a brief summary of Act 5

Pravdin tells Starodum that he received an orderTo protect the village and the house of the Provosts so that the subordinate people are not harmed by their rabies. There is a noise. Milo and Sophia are excited: the girl could hardly be saved from abduction. For violation of the law Pravdin can draw Prostakov to court. She begs to forgive her, kneeling, but after pardon immediately pounces on the poor servants. Pravdin undertakes to continue to patronize the village and the house. Prostakov is furious with the fact that power is no longer in her hands. But even Mitrofan refuses to support his mother.

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