I wrote the story "Honest Word" by Panteleyev. The summary will not only retell the work, but also allow readers to get acquainted with the main conclusions.

Those who have long become adults, read in childhoodthe story of Leonid Panteleev "Honest Word" (1941). Their children and grandchildren only have to get acquainted with this interesting work, learn about a boy who deserves respect. A successful reception of the author is that he did not even know the name of the hero of his story, because it is not so important. The main thing that Panteleev wanted to convey to the reader is that these guys who keep their word are worthy of respect not only among their peers, but also among adults.

"Honor" Panteleev - a summary

"Honest Word", Panteleyev: a short summary, the beginning

The story begins with what the author says aboutthat he did not even have time to find out from the boy with whom he had accidentally met his name. The author remembered that it was a child of 7-8 years, with freckles on his nose. The narrative comes from the first person. Leonid Panteleyev says that somehow he went to the park on Vasilievsky Island and read out there an interesting book. Then he heard the sound of a bell in the distance and realized that this watchman was inviting latecomers to the exit. It's already getting dark. Perhaps, those who did not read this work, now thought, why named his story "Honest Word" Panteleyev? The summary will soon answer this question.

Acquaintance with the main character

"Honest Word" Leonid Panteleev

When the writer got up from the bench and went to the exit,then I heard a quiet cry of children. He went to the sound and saw a little boy, he stood near a small building and cried. Panteleyev asked why the child cries and does not go home? The boy said that he can not, because he is standing on the clock. The child said that the big boys called him to play in the war and said that he must guard the warehouse. The protagonist promised them - he will not go anywhere and gave his word of honor. Panteleev, a short narrative of the story answered a question that interested the reader from the very beginning. That is why the author called his story this way. The guy said that now only a military man can let him leave his post. Then the writer ran to the side of the gate to find such a man.

Panteleev, "Honest Word": the main idea

Outside the gates of the park he saw a major whowas going to take the tram. Panteleev quickly explained the situation to him, and two adults ran to the garden to help the child. The kid was still crying quietly, but he never left his post, because he gave his word of honor. He wanted to eat, he was tired, but the sense of duty was stronger. The main idea of ​​the story is an undoubted sense of duty, loyalty to one's word, strength of spirit.

Panteleev "Honest Word" main idea

The major told the child what he orderedto leave his post. The boy looked at him and when he realized that he really was a military man, he answered happily that he was a sergeant and understood the order. All three had time to leave the garden before the guard locked it. The boy said he is not afraid and he will run home. This does not have to be doubted. Such a person is really not afraid of anything. The author does not doubt - from such a child an excellent person will grow up.

An interesting story was written by Leonid Panteleyev. "Honest Word" teaches fidelity to its promise, courage, heroism.

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