Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin ... What does this name meanfor you? Is this "our all", a Russian-speaking Shakespeare or a bored poet, who is still required to study in schools? In 1999, the year of the anniversary of Alexander Sergeevich, foreign newspapers wrote: "Russia was enveloped in" Pushkinomania. " Residents of the country learn by heart the huge excerpts from his works, and themes related to the work and biography of the poet dominate in radio and television programs and in printed publications. " Do you know any interesting facts about Pushkin? Perhaps, it is worth telling the children suffering about "Eugene Onegin" about the children that the poet should find flesh and blood, become close and understandable? Shall we try?

Interesting facts about Pushkin: childhood

interesting facts about Pushkin

  1. The poet always suffered from his "African-American"appearance. It seemed to him that thick lips, black curly hair and eyes bulged him. No wonder the school of the future author of the great poems was teased with "monkey".
  2. When Sasha Pushkin was 4 years old, he first sawhis namesake, the Emperor Alexander I. The meeting almost cost the toddler of life. The monarch made a horseback ride, and the "Arapchunok" almost fell under the hoofs of his horse. Fortunately, the emperor managed to cope with the horse, the future "sun of Russian poetry" was not affected, only the nurse almost lost her senses.
  3. In the famous Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum - a privileged educational institution - Pushkin got to know each other. He was attached there by his uncle, also poet Pushkin, only Vasily Lvovich.
  4. Sasha's poetic gift was manifested as a child. Otherwise, he could not become the pride of a private boarding school famous for brilliant graduates, since he graduated from school, having demonstrated the third (from the end) result.

Interesting facts about Pushkin: relations with people

  1. According to various sources, the poet participated in 29 fights, he was summoned to a duel nine dozen times, and he himself "threw a glove" and more - about 150 times.
  2. Pushkin's wife, Natalia Nikolaevna Goncharova, was above the poet by 10 centimeters, and he was shy about it.
  3. A month before the tragic duel with Pushkin, Baron Dantes married Goncharova's sister, Catherine, so that the duelists fell in love with each other.

Interesting facts from the biography of Pushkin: a little about the benefits of superstition

interesting facts from Pushkin's biography

It is said that the great poet was very superstitious. He believed in the mystical power of stones and for each occasion wore special rings. Once foresight (or intuition) saved his life. On the eve of the uprising in the Senate Square Pushkin was under house arrest near St. Petersburg, but was going to go to the meeting of the Secret Society in the capital. However, along the way the rabbit ran (a bad sign), then the priest met (also a foreknowledge of woes). The servant, who went with Pushkin, suddenly overcomes the strongest fever. As a result, the superstitious poet returned home, and at night he saw a strange dream: five teeth fell out. The next day, five leaders of the revolutionary society were arrested and executed.

Interesting facts about Pushkin: a sharp mind

Despite his poor academic performance, the poet possessedstunningly sharp mind. He reacted instantly, always found the exact answer, often immediately he clothed him in a brilliant rhyme. Sometimes his epigrams and impromptu were sarcastic and offensive. Perhaps, not everyone understood, next to the genius of what size they have the honor to live.

Alexander Pushkin interesting facts
Once the poet Zhukovsky told me that he was not present at a friendly dinner, since he had an upset stomach when Küchelbecker came to visit. Pushkin immediately reacted with lines:

"So it was to me, my friends,
AND cuchelbecterno, and sickening ... "

The poor Kühle was oftenPushkin. However, he himself gave occasions. So, in the Lyceum he tried to drown himself after the poem by Pushkin, in which the line: "Wilhelm, read your poems, that I fell asleep soon".

But the poet brilliantly and wittily reacted in any situation. He even wrote to the Emperor Alexander I:

"Afedron you are fat
You rub it with a calico;
I'm a sinful hole
Do not spoil the children's fashion
And Khvostov a tough ode,
Although grimacing, let it be rubbish. "

The jokes of the poet were sometimes on the verge of decencyor went out for it. But it was ridiculous. This talent would shine today on the stage of KVN! Such is Alexander Pushkin. Interesting facts related to his biography and creativity, can be listed in scores! He had a lot of card debts. To pay off with them, he sometimes wrote a poem for one night. For "Bakhchisarai Fountain" he received 3000 rubles - never a single poet until then did not receive such a sum for his creations. He laughed contagiously, was not afraid of anyone, looked like a child (African roots, or what, were they affected?). Infinite women fell in love with him. And how to resist, if he was able to instantly compose:

"I'm in love, I'm fascinated,"
In short, I enchanted... "

Of course, it was an outstanding personality. I want to be told in schools about different facets of the poet's life, and not draw a vague, boring to yawn portrait.

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