Pushkin the young peasant woman
Not only with his poems, but also with prosewe have AS Pushkin. "The young lady-peasant woman" (a brief summary is given in this article) is one of the stories included in the cycle "The Story of the late Ivan Petrovich Belkin". The work is based on the love secrets of two young people: Lisa and Alexei. At the end of the narrative, all secrets are revealed, and this makes happy not only the lovers, but also their fathers.

A. S. Pushkin, "The Young Peasant Woman": a short summary. Introduction

In one of the provinces, in the village of Tugilovo, Ivan livesPetrovich Berestov is a retired guard. He was a widower long ago, his wife died during childbirth. Son Alexei grew up and now lives in the city, often visiting his father. In the district everyone considers Ivan Petrovich proud, but at the same time they treat him well. Only his closest neighbor Grigory Ivanovich Muromsky does not get along with him, who runs his farm in English. Berestov, who does not tolerate any innovations, despises him for it.

So, with the description of the main characters beganthe narrative of A. S. Pushkin. "The young lady-peasant woman" (a short summary read further) is an easy playful story that leaves a pleasant impression on the soul after reading. His characters are cute and sentimental. Decoupling of love stories will also please the reader. It's time to move on to the main story.

A. S. Pushkin, "The Young Peasant Woman": a short summary. Developments

Pushkin the young peasant woman short

The son of Ivan Petrovich, Alexei, often comes toTugilovo to his father. Local girls are interested in him. But he remains cold and does not answer the signs of attention. Girls explain this with his secret love. The daughter of Grigory Ivanovich Muromsky, Liza, also became interested in a nice young neighbor. Therefore, when her fortress girl Nastya goes to relatives in Tugilovo, the young lady asks her to find out Alexey more closely. Returning, the peasant woman told Elizabeth that the young man is good-looking, and also that when playing games with girls he kissed each of them. The young lady has a desire to see a neighbor. But how to do this? In her head, the plan to dress up as a peasant woman ripened and to meet in such a state with Alexei. To its implementation, it began the next day. After putting on the peasant dress and noting that he was her face, she went to a grove near Tugilov, where the young master liked to hunt. There's a dog barking at her. Soon Alexei himself appears. Young people get acquainted. Lisa seems to him Akulina, the daughter of a local smith. Arranging a meeting the next day, they diverge. Alexei remarks that he begins to fall in love with a beautiful peasant woman.

The climax. Alexei and his father go to Muromsky

The next day in the same place took placetheir second meeting. The young master was waiting for her with impatience. But Liza, regretting her deception, tries to convince him that it is no longer worth seeing. And soon there is one incident. On the hunt of Grigori Ivanovich Muromsky, the wounded horse is dropped, and he falls hard, striking. At this time, there is Berestov, who invites him to his house. So Grigory Ivanovich is visiting a previously unloved neighbor. The fathers of the families parted in mutual sympathy and agreed to meet in the house of the Muromsky. Ivan Petrovich promised to come with his son. When Lisa found out about this, she became confused. A new plan has matured in her head. When the guests at the appointed hour came to their house, she came out to them, nasmurnlennaya and densely whitened, extravagantly dressed and strangely combed. It was impossible to learn it. Alexei's daughter, Muromsky, makes an unpleasant impression.

Pushkin novel young lady peasant woman

A. S. Pushkin, "The Young Peasant Woman": a short summary. Decoupling

The acquaintance of the fathers soon developed into a pleasantfriendship. They decide to marry their children and tell them about it. Dissenting with this, Alexei goes to the house of the Muroms without warning, to say about his refusal. Entering the house, he sees Lisa in a light summer dress. The young man takes her for Akulina. It is strange to him that she is not in a peasant sarafan. Lisa wanted to escape. But he stopped her. A struggle ensued between them. Entering them Grigory Ivanovich sees that the young people are already together.

In the autumn of 1830 in the village of Boldino creates his owna work briefly retold here, Pushkin. The story "The young lady-peasant woman" is an easy sentimental creation. It is easy to read. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the work in the original.

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