For the Germans, as for the entire Catholic world,The most important holiday in the year is Christmas. To this triumph they begin to prepare for several months, observance of all ancient traditions of this people is obligatory for each person. Because now we will consider in detail when celebrating Christmas in Germany, what is the number, what is the holiday characterized by, what are its features and much more.

What is Christmas for the Germans?

Perhaps, only one holiday per year is the inhabitants of thiscountries spend in a warm family circle. Children who live their life long ago come to their parents, bringing their grandchildren with them. The distant relatives become closer to each other, and the old friends again begin to make friends. When they celebrate Christmas in Germany, it is common to forgive each other all grievances, all debts and quarrels. Close people gather in a close circle, eat dinner together, give each other gifts and just talk. All this for the Germans is an old tradition, which they honor and support from year to year. They have the greatest value for the nation.

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Determine the exact date

Since the end of November, in all the streets of Germanyopens a real parade of Santa Clauses. Some of them perform complicated tricks (climb walls, ride on ropes), others surprise the public with their inventions, while others simply sleep at the entrance to shops and cafes. All this action comes to a climax when in Germany they celebrate Christmas. And it happens not on December 25, as in most Catholic countries, but on the 24th. For Germans, the most important day of the year is exactly Christmas Eve, that evening, which they prepare for several months. It is he accompanied by the famous Holy Supper, the gathering of relatives and friends, the forgiveness of all offenses and other rituals of this country.

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Advent calendar and its secrets

Preparation for Christmas here is notonly in cleaning the house, cooking and so on. To understand the whole mystery of this celebration, it is necessary to purchase a special Advent calendar (wreath), which the Germans use, from December 1 to 24. When in Germany they celebrate the Nativity of Christ, in each house it is from the 1st of the month that this wreath made of cones, coniferous branches, clusters of mountain ash and ribbons is hung. Every Sunday (that is, every Advent) to the wreath clings a candle and lights it. Just for Christmas, there are 4 candles on it, which means the coming of the Holy Evening. As a rule, candles like to light candles. They adore this tradition and always choose a wreath, and all its components. Note also that the candles here are produced the most diverse. They can have both a traditional form, and be in the form of little animals, geometric figures, angels and so on.

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Traditions of ancestors and history

From December 1 and immediately before that moment,when in Germany they celebrate Christmas (December 24), behind the glass showcases of most stores the history of the appearance of Christ the Savior in dolls is exhibited. This is a kind of imitation of the national theater "vertep", which was popular throughout Europe and even in Russia in the 17-20th centuries. Dolls and other toys, as well as props handmade show us skits. They tell about the birth of Jesus, how the Virgin Mary protected him, about how Herod ordered to exterminate all the babies in Bethlehem, and other facts from the Bible. It is noteworthy that these dolls are not for sale. They are exhibited annually only so that children can learn as much as possible about the life of the Savior, and adults - once again plunge into the tale and forget about their everyday problems. However, in stores everything is implemented in order to make such toys with their own hands. This is what the children of Germany are doing on the eve of Christmas.

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Gifts that the Germans love

As in all countries of the world, when in Germanycelebrate Christmas, it is customary to give each other gifts. For each individual nation there are their own traditions, but this people they gradually wear off, unfortunately. We came to this conclusion that's why. About 70 percent of the state prefer to receive money or gift coupons for Christmas. The second most important gift is the book. The third place is the smart equipment (phones, tablets, etc.). Children love to receive gifts in toys, sweets. Women are usually given cosmetics, jewelry, souvenirs or simply products. A small percentage of people like to receive a gift vouchers in various tropical corners of the world. But the most unloved Germans are socks.

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Furnishings at Christmas Eve

As in our country, as in Africa and in Indonesia,on the eve of Christmas (or New Year), the Germans carefully sort through all their belongings. Unnecessary trash they throw out, thereby cleaning your house of bad energy. By the Holy Evening, every house has an ideal order, and the most delicious dishes are cooked. Most of Germany's population dresses up a Christmas tree. It is noteworthy that mainly Germans do not install northern conifers in houses, but southern ones, that is to say tui or fir. Ornaments traditional - tinsel, balls, figurines of angels and asterisks.

Festive table in the old days and in our days

Unchanged, perhaps, there are onlyculinary traditions that stretch from the depths of centuries. They are presented in the form of mandatory on all tables of dishes, which are exhibited when they celebrate Christmas in Germany. The year 2015 to be experienced will not differ from, say, 1886. As before, Christmas Eve will be celebrated on December 24, and all tables will be crowned with a duck or goose. This is a traditional German bird, which is baked to this celebration. To her, the Germans are preparing a potato salad with sausages, rolls with almonds, are often served to the fondue table as a dessert. The main drinks are red wine and beer (not champagne).


When in Germany they celebrate the Nativity of Christ, inRussia, we are just beginning to prepare for the New Year. But if you want to make your holidays more intense and bright, go to this country in advance to see with your own eyes all the mysteries of German traditions. You can look at the unique Santa Clauses, see a real den, taste a German duck and enjoy a local Christmas beer.

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