Olga Krutaya is the wife of the famous composer. Her husband, Igor Krutoy, writes contemporary music, which becomes a favorite of all hits. Olga prefers not to eclipse his glory, remaining in the shade. However, this does not mean that it does not lead a secular life and does not develop independently.

Short biography: exact facts

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Olga Krutaya, whose birth date is 11.11.1963, was born in Russia. In 2015, she will celebrate her 52nd birthday. A native of St. Petersburg, then Leningrad. Olga grew up as an ordinary child. She is Scorpio by the zodiac sign. All the representatives of the water element value stability. Olga is no exception. She is restrained in the manifestation of emotions, intelligent, sensitive, has a huge inner world. Very beautiful and stylish, always watching his appearance. At 52, she looks a maximum of 35-40 years. Olga Krutaya, whose biography is covered in the article, has her own business, proudly wears the title of a business lady, which allows her to be an example for many women. She is an excellent psychologist, an upscale designer and stylist, and has the skills of a make-up artist. All this knowledge allowed her to become an image-maker.

Family values

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Olga was born into a family of strict rules. Her father was an inveterate communist, very strict in character, so they clearly adhered to traditional values ​​in their homes. Mom did not work, she devoted herself entirely to her husband, children and home. It was these stereotypes that Olga transferred to her family, clearly recognizing that the head should be a man.

However, having adopted the character of the father, the girl alwaysaspired to freedom. Her inner world rebelled against the framework in which it was driven. Olga often says that at the age of 17 she was allowed to walk only up to seven hours. Of course, this outraged the teenager, since all her friends could return no earlier than nine. Father's education was reflected in the appearance of the girl. He was firmly convinced that the most appropriate dress is a dress, but Olga Krutaya was able to defend the right to wear jeans that were in the trend in the 70s.


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Get higher education Olga DmitrievnaSteep preferred in her hometown of Leningrad, enrolled in the St. Petersburg State Economic University. Thanks to such education, Olga Krutaya (photo can be seen in the article) has quite a successful business abroad.

At present the couple of Steeps live inseveral apartments, therefore, as a true financier, Olga took the entire family budget under her control. And it should be noted that unlike her husband, she leads him quite economically.

Student years

After school, Olga intentionally disobeyed her father andchose a direction that was the direct opposite of what her parents had planned. It was during these years that rebellion reached its peak. She is married at the age of 19, giving birth to her first daughter Vika.

After the institute he leaves to visit his girlfriend,living in America. Unexpectedly for all in 1991, Olga Krutaya (her age at the time was 28 years old) decides to stay there. The husband agreed with his wife's decision. However, this news led the parents to shock, but the girl did not succeed in convincing the opposite. Already after half a year, Olga took her daughter to America. So the family lived for 4 years.

Igor Krutoy's wife Olga: a biography of relationships

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In 1995, Igor Krutoy came to America withconcert program "Song of the Year". After the performance, a banquet was organized in Atlantic City. It can be said that the very fate brought these two people, Olga and Igor sat at the next tables.

The first acquaintance was quite fleeting, soHow steep was accompanied by my mother and sister. Igor's trauma after his divorce with his first wife also did not favor close acquaintance. And Olga at that time was married and brought up her daughter Vika. However, after a month Igor returns to America. Having found the phone number of his new friend, he called her and offered to meet, to which Olga agreed. From this moment, true love broke out in their hearts. After a two-year novel they decide to legitimize their relationship.

The wedding of Igor and Olga differed chic andluxury, the guests were so many that the rented restaurant could not accommodate everyone, so the next day they organized another banquet for which Russian pop stars were invited: Laima Vaikule, who closely collaborated with Igor Krutym, Lev Leshchenko, Irina Allegrova and other performers.

Family life of this couple is difficult to callcloudless, but Olga Krutaya does not waste time on reproaches and quarrels. Igor's schedule is very stressful, he does not give much time to his family, but his wife has learned to cope with it. They live in different countries. Olga is in America, Igor is in Moscow. Most often, the conversation of spouses is limited to phone calls. Approximately once a month they meet, while Olga can come to visit her husband, and Igor - to his wife.

Many friends of the couple argue that their warm and strong relationship is held by this way of life. Because of frequent partings, they just do not have time to get bored with each other.

Secrets of dating Igor and Olga: revelations about the first meeting

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Igor Yakovlevich shared his impressions,which I experienced at the first meeting. At that moment there was only one thought in his head: this woman is so beautiful that every man would immediately offer her an arm and heart. Igor was no exception. He was not even stopped by the fact that he only survived the divorce with his first wife, so much he liked Olga Krutaya.

The biography of the couple's relationship developed rapidly, at the third meeting Igor made a proposal. The main reason for this was life in different countries.

Olga often remembers the first meeting, howevershe did not experience any feelings then. Careful in nature, she looked closely at a new acquaintance. However, the pressure and determination of him did their job. Over time, Olga realized how much Igor was dear to her.

Business of Olga

Businesswoman Olga Krutaya found herself in the perfume sphere. In 2011, she presented her new creation. This idea was prompted by Nezhla Barbier, who was a famous French perfumer.

The fragrance of Opus pour Homme laid the foundation for a successfulbusiness development. The first line was designed only for men. Suddenly, in a very short time, it gained popularity. At this stop Olga was not going to, a little later, a presentation of women's perfume Opus pour Femme in Riga. This collection also made a sensation in the perfume sphere.

After such a dizzying success, it was decided to combine two brands under the same name - OKKI. This abbreviation is composed of the initials of the spouses.

Oldest daughter Victoria

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Olga Krutaya gave birth to Vika in 1985 at the age of22 years old. At first, her daughter was careful about her new husband's mother. However, over time, Igor was able to win her favor. He adopted Vika and gave her his name. In the family of the Steep there is no division of children into relatives and strangers. The new pope helped his daughter to develop, later she began to build the singer's career with his help. Olga is very grateful to her husband for such a relationship with her eldest daughter.

In 2014, in the summer, the couple played the Victoria wedding. The role of the father during the procession to the altar was played by Igor Krutoy. The holiday was a large scale, it was visited by many stars of Russian show business.

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Younger daughter of Alexander

The fruit of love between Olga and Igor was beautifulgirl Sasha, who was born in 2003. To try herself as a singer, she was able at the age of 6 (in 2009) at the contest of young performers "New Wave" in Jurmala. Currently, Alexandra is engaged in vocals. However, a qualified teacher was hired for teaching, since the pope does not have enough time for classes.

Secrets of youth

Olga Krutaya, whose photos are often decoratedpages of fashion magazines, is the standard of female beauty. Already, having exchanged the fifth decade, it still remains young both as a body and as a soul. For this Olga thanks nature. She never allowed thoughts about plastic surgery, believing that beauty should be primarily natural. Its goal is to preserve what is given to it by nature. In the morning and evening, Olga spends cosmetic rituals, which help maintain the skin in proper condition. Obligatory sports make it cheerful and allow you to monitor your health. By nature, Olga Krutaya is a conservative, she has never experimented with the color of hair and hair in her whole life.

Of course, the daily routine includes rest and long walks in the fresh air.

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